​Scholarship Super Bowl: It really is a competition


Soon there will be living rooms and sports bars filled with football fans cheering on their favorite team during the 52nd Super Bowl. The players have trained hard and played hard all season to be ready for this tough competition. Just like a football game, applying for scholarships for higher education is a competition of sorts.

Now is the time to begin to apply for scholarships. You won’t receive scholarships unless you apply for them. The Holmes County Education Foundation is currently accepting scholarship applications for higher education from high school seniors, adult students, graduate school students, home-schooled seniors and current Holmes County teachers pursuing their master’s degree.

The application is available to complete online on our website at www.hcef.net. The deadline to apply is April 13 by 5 p.m. The foundation also lists additional scholarship opportunities on their Facebook page. High school seniors should look for additional scholarships via their guidance counselor office. I encourage you to watch the local papers for scholarship offerings.

Inquire at a church, service organization or club that your family is involved in to see if they offer scholarships. Keep asking around because word of mouth can do wonders.

Another resource to utilize is www.fastweb.com. This is a national scholarship search database. It is a free and reputable website. You will complete your profile and be matched to scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. It is national in scope, so the competition can be tough.

Just like a football player puts in the hours and training to perform well at a game, students also must take the time to prepare themselves to submit a well-written scholarship application.

I have reviewed thousands of scholarship applications in the past 19 years of working for the foundation. I can recognize the students that have taken the application process serious and realize it is an investment in their future against the students that have not. I encourage future students to submit their best possible application.

Take the time to ensure that grammar and spelling are correct and that the questions asked are answered. Follow the directions and submit what the funder is requesting, no more or no less.

Make sure to meet the deadline. It’s even better to submit prior to the deadline. Follow up with the funder to make sure your application is received and complete. And thank the funder for the opportunity to apply. These are skills that will benefit you later in life as well.

Become a well-rounded student. Work hard in your academics first and foremost. Work hard in what you enjoy doing. Maybe that is athletics, music, art or community service.

Get a seasonal job or a summer job. Funders like to see that you have an investment in your future and that you can balance your time to go to school, participate in the things you like to do and earn a few bucks on the side. This time-management skill also will help you tremendously in college when you are solely responsible for getting yourself to class.

Remember that applying to college and applying for scholarships are a competition. You have to stand out in a crowd. Work hard and do the right things, and you will find the right scholarships for you. Some will be merit based, and some will be financial-need based. Take the time to give your best possible effort when applying for scholarships.

To learn more about Higher Education Matters, visit the Holmes County Education Foundation’s newly updated website at www.hcef.net and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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