We all know star wishing isn’t real

We all know star wishing isn’t real

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.” One of my dearest lifelong friends, sent me his rendition of that song that I now keep on my computer.

A renowned trumpet player, his music is so unique that you have to listen often. Sometimes I sit down with it just to hear the absolutely pure, clear notes, even above high C, just to feel the beauty and the thrill that some music can bring,

Then the words to the song start to creep in, beginning a thought process, and the part of the brain I thought I had tuned out is off and running again.

As a youngster, there was one bright star I used to wish upon…until I discovered it was Venus and had to find another. Back then, we had to take the word of anyone we considered wiser than ourselves about anything astronomical. Today, we are only a few waves away from our answers. Were I wishing on those stars now, my desires would be a lot different from back then.

For example, instead of wishing to be pretty enough to get a certain boyfriend, I would put a self-cleaning floor at the top of the list. I rather like my self-cleaning oven, even though it isn’t perfect. I would settle for that caliber of work throughout the house. Scrubbers beware.

The next cooperative star that comes along gets this big one. Next, I think, would come a dryer that doesn’t turn itself on and off and run with the door open, then a microwave that has a replaceable light and an oven that stays in calibration whether self-cleaned or not.

Some starry night I might wish the 28-year-old car I love so much would not give up the ghost until I have gone before it, and that all the legs of my friends, as well as my own, stay strong enough to still climb up into it.

It wouldn’t hurt anything if the garage it resides in would magically become uncluttered and painted with one of those lovely new kinds of garage floors. I definitely would wish for a cleanup elf whose only goal in life is to take care of the mess of pots and pans and dishes after I cook or can, and how about a remodeled bathroom upstairs.

At my age if I were searching the sky to find the brightest real star I could see, more serious wishes would come to mind. My wish list grows way beyond material things. Wouldn’t I love a sign that my two sons are enjoying being reunited with my parents? Wouldn’t it be joyful to know that my beloved pets are there too?

How often have I wished that others who think I am mean or unhappy because I speak my mind, would take the opportunity to get to know me…the me with no mean bones.

How I would love it if, when watching people deliberately lie on a news program, a voice from somewhere would call them on it and show the truth. Or if the words I am thinking when someone is tailgating me would suddenly appear on a large banner above all the cars so everyone in traffic could see.

It should be written in the stars that anyone who deliberately hurts another living creature in any way, whether physically, emotionally or simply with words, should suffer consequences and have their own wishing privileges revoked.

One of my largest wishes would be for world leaders to understand that war is not a game. There are no winners. There shouldn’t even be rules that allow the horror to continue. All the stars in the heavens need to gather and grant us world peace.

Of course, despite the beautiful music, we all know star wishing isn’t real, …”Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through…” or is it?

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