Finding the meaning of true success

Finding the meaning of true success

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” —Albert Schweitzer

Do you know what sparks your interest? What is the one thing or things that get you going in life? If you are familiar at all with my work, then you would already know I am big into finding our passion in life and just enjoying the small things. The times we are living in place a high price on being somebody, caring very little on who we become as individuals. Of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful, having a strong work ethic or even wanting to make money. However, how we got there may be problematic.

I am a fan of YouTube. I find it to be a great place to learn all kinds of information. It seems like YouTube has it all, from book reviews to even college lectures. I enjoy getting on and listening to a good audiobook. We can listen to anyone from the average Joe to an expert on any given topic. When I started out writing, I watched videos on motivation to help me learn and grow as a writer. It really opened up my world, and I learned things faster than I would have by reading a book.

I saw more than a few videos telling people they need to wake up at 5 a.m. so they can have a jump start on their day. I’m not really sure what’s so magical about 5 a.m., but I guess some of the very rich do it. Therefore they may think everyone needs to do it. To add to that, some videos almost encourage people to not spend so much time with the family in order to work harder on their dreams. That is some of the worst advice ever.

To be successful takes a lot of work, but there is a lot more we can cut out and still be a family person.

One of the most misunderstood things in life is success. It is not about having money and fame. People can be very successful and not be known by the world. All the world does is over-promise and under-deliver. We can’t find our spark in what we do, but in who we are.

Does God love us? Yes! That is a good starting place. What do we like and what gives us fire in the belly? We don’t have to be a successful doctor or a lawyer to have a successful life. I think one of the best ways to be successful is to be a good listener, a person who offers a shoulder to cry on. People just need someone who allows them to vent and to know someone cares about them.

What about being a babysitter? Give busy parents the peace of mind their kids are safe and well taken care of. A mom and dad can have a night out to just enjoy themselves, without worrying about how things are at home. I say that would be great.

One thing that concerns me is mental heath — I think we as a society have our priorities in the wrong place. We are more worried about what people think of us than about who we are. I want to be the best friend I can be and be helpful to others. Jesus was focused on God and other people. He didn’t waste his time being successful in the world’s eyes. If we just focus on Jesus and others, we will be very successful in life.

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