Fixing up a fixer-upper

Fixing up a fixer-upper

All our children own older houses. Appropriately, the oldest child owns the oldest house. She also is rather talented in redoing houses. Her current place is her second redo. And I have to say her father, I and her houses are hugely impressed with her efforts. What she has done to make her houses enchantingly lovely is amazing.

Her first project was the kitchen, and it is now a chef’s dream. She replaced and upgraded the flooring, the cabinets, the appliances, the backsplash and the fixtures. The dining room was next and is just lovely. She installed a chair rail, painted the walls and turned a rather wide closet into an alcove for a buffet accented by a very large mirror. A very attractive chandelier is centered over the dining table, filling that room with a warm glow.

Taller Half and I visited her while several of her projects were underway, and we were totally awed by her accomplishments. She has always been an impressive decorator, but now she has morphed into an amazing remodeler. She has now begun the bathroom remodel and is in the process of putting in a marble floor and modern fixtures. She has done and is doing a lot of the work herself.

Her current house had good bones but looked outdated, drab and rather sad when purchased. Now that house just glows with happiness. She looks and feels loved, and that’s what all houses want, and we suspect there is more than a bit of jealousy brewing in that neighborhood. Before long, all the neighboring places will want, then demand, updates. Hope the neighbors respond accordingly.

Despite all the work and expense, when those upgrades are done, the houses will be happy — their value will increase.

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