I don’t want your help, I need it

I don’t want your help, I need it

“There is no shame in asking for help. We accept the fact that those at the end of life and those at the beginning of life require assistance, yet we somehow believe that adults should be able to be independent in spite of hardship.” —Lisa Arends

Many of us love to help other people. We give time, money, advice, know how and more to people in need.

One of the best things about Holmes County is our willingness to give to others in times of need. Just look at the number of benefit dinners, breakfasts and auctions we have or how many times we go into a gas station and see a jar to put our charge into for some worthy cause. I don’t know this for a fact, but I would say Holmes County may be one of the most giving counties in the state of Ohio. Yes, people all over give, but here, giving is a way of life.

The teachings of Jesus tell us to help one another and to give of ourselves. That it just the easy part. The hard part is when we are the people who are in need of help. We like to believe other people need help, but it may well be considered a sin for us to ask for ourselves. We don’t want to become a burden to anyone, so we lie by telling ourselves and others we can do everything on our own.

To be prideful also is a sin, but we often act that way when it comes to us needing help. We don’t go to counseling or see a doctor because, after all, we can take care of everything. Maybe if we just read the latest self-help book or just have a little more faith, then the problem will just go away.

I will be the first to argue that everyone should pray more and continue to grow their faith. However, sometimes great faith is allowing God to bring people into your life to help. Some of you reading this may know you need help, but you buy into the idea that the issue has to do with lack of faith. If I was having a heart attack, no one in their right mind would say it was due to a lack of faith. However, let’s say it is depression. Then that is an issue with a lack of faith. The only lack of faith I see is not seeking God to lead us to the right person that can help.

I never wanted help from anyone. I always thought if I did receive some, I was admitting I couldn’t do everything. I don’t need a handicapped sticker because I can walk and other people need to park there more than me. I have always had a higher risk of falling, but I would bounce back. I don’t bounce back as quickly as I once did. I now have a handicapped sticker, and I don’t fall down as much because I don’t walk as far.

Asking for help is not a weakness; it is actually a strength. Seeking help will free up more time, save mental energy and help someone else feel good about themselves. Let go and let people help from time to time. We’ll be better off in the long run.

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