Ashland U. has returned to pre-COVID operations

Ashland U. has returned to pre-COVID operations

After 15 months of face coverings, social distancing and congregating only in small groups or online, Ashland University announced it is ready to return to its pre-COVID operations.

The decision puts the university in line with the lifting on June 2 of most of Gov. Mike Dewine’s executive orders related to the pandemic, as well as new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We would like to thank the entire AU community for their personal sacrifice and adherence to all protocols that helped us get through this difficult period,” AU President Dr. Carlos Campo said.

The availability of the COVID-19 vaccination and the significant number of Ohioans and members of the Ashland University community who have chosen to get vaccinated played a crucial role in the rescinding of these protocols. And while AU strongly encourages faculty, staff, students and visitors to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines, it will not require anyone to do so.

The lifting of the state orders includes the following:

—Masks are no longer required inside or outside at any Ashland University campus. However, if students are participating in a study abroad or domestic field trip where public transportation will be used or completing a clinical, internship, student teaching or work-study in a healthcare setting or at some businesses, mask wearing continues to be highly recommended by the CDC. Unvaccinated individuals, as well as any person with health or other safety concerns, are encouraged to continue wearing masks when social distancing is not possible. Finally, while it’s not required, the university asks for understanding if an individual asks people wear a mask in their presence while on campus this summer.

—There will be no more social distancing at AU. Full density will return in all offices, classrooms and meeting spaces.

—Academic, athletic, extra-curricular camps and facility rentals will be held at AU this summer with no required mask wearing, social distancing or additional sanitation protocols.

—Some summer programs such as the Masters of Arts in American History and Government weeklong programs may ask for proof of vaccination or for voluntary participation in a rapid response COVID-19 test upon arrival at campus, due to the number of out-of-state participants.

—AU student-athletes involved in practice and competition will continue to follow all NCAA and GMAC conference guidelines and testing protocols, which may differ from the university’s processes. The recreation center will be open during regularly scheduled hours for students and faculty/staff/community members with paid memberships.

—Courses, internships, work-study, research assistantships and other academic activities held over the summer will continue in the modalities that have already been scheduled. For fall, traditional undergraduate students will be back on campus with most courses held face to face, in person and on campus. AU will continue to serve students registered in online programs, CCP courses, graduate programs, certificate programs and workforce-development programs in the modalities in which those academic courses are typically held.

—Offices at AU will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Student Health Center is not open during the summer. Beginning Aug. 20, all university employees will have transitioned back to fully working on campus unless they have remote alternative work arrangement approvals filed with human resources.

—The university will return to pre-COVID levels of housing occupancy this fall, though the option to purchase a single-occupancy room is still available. Dining services will return to pre-COVID hours including late night, as well as normal occupancy rates this fall.

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