Career Center employees recognized for service

Career Center employees recognized for service

Buckeye Career Center superintendent Bob Alsept


Several Buckeye Career Center employees were recognized for their service achievements. The awards, announced by Buckeye Career Center superintendent Bob Alsept, include perfect attendance, first-year survival, years of service and retirement during the 2021-22 school year.

Staff members celebrating 10 years of service with the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year include Kris Kinsey, Megan Kreinbihl, Tom Locker, Wendy Meese, Sandy Moss, Amy Stauffer-McNutt and Bobi Thompson.

Staff members celebrating 25 years at BCC include Scott Doak, Ryan Irwin, Jacob Kula and Tim Sheehy.

Employees celebrating 30 years of service include Sharon Burdette, Becky Marsh and Kaleen Mickley.

Staff members retiring this school year include Todd Bonvechio (masonry instructor) after 33 years, Chris McCoury (pharmacy technician instructor) after 23 years, Ed Salina (maintenance) after 13 years, Ron Gauding (Project Lead the Way/engineering instructor) after three years and Lori Statler (treasurer) after three years.

First-year survival awards were given to Kathy Joseph, Jim Pimpas, Steve Rippeth, Jaymes Urban, Sydnee Warner and Nathan Wauthier.

Staff members achieving perfect attendance were Christy Bennett, Ryan Borland, Sam Brown, Jeremy Burdick, Jay Fisher, Matt Fockler, Aubrey Gealsha, Mark Gibson, Kathy Joseph, David McConnell, Jason Miller, Brian Myers, Ryan Pearson, Jim Pimpas, Mike Rechtenwalt, Steve Rippeth, Mike Starlin, Dan Stotzer, Terry Thompson, Nathan Wauthier, Don Young and Alan Zimerman.

The honorees were celebrated on the final working day for teaching staff members for the 2020-21 school year.

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