Hog purchase benefits those in need

Hog purchase benefits those in need

Troy Stogsdill, left, Todd Gopp, Brianna Burdette, Sherry Cardani and Superintendent Bob Alsept.


The Buckeye Career Center staff has wrapped up its annual purchase and donation of a hog from the Tuscarawas County Fair, with this year’s hog benefiting the First Baptist Church of New Philadelphia.

Staff members raised $1,762.50 to put toward the purchase of Brianna Burdette’s 235-pound market hog.

Burdette is a junior from Claymont and is enrolled in BCC’s medical assisting program. While sale day at the fair was bittersweet for Burdette, she is thrilled at the end result.

“I appreciate Buckeye coming to the county fair and supporting not just me but all of the county youth at the fair,” she said. “I didn’t know (at the time) where the meat would go, so I’m really happy that it’s going to people who need it and will use it,” Burdette said.

Lead Pastor Troy Stogsdill and Associate Pastor Todd Gopp picked up the donation on Thursday, Oct. 20.

“It’s a great thing, and we will absolutely put it to great use,” Stogsdill said.

He said the meat might benefit people at the local homeless shelter, those involved in the church’s addiction recovery program or even church members in need.

“We have elderly folks at our church, and sometimes needs arise within the church and within the ministries,” Gopp said.

The hog was processed by BCC’s own meat cutting, deli and bakery students and instructor Scott Ripley. It resulted in 119 one-pound packs of ground pork.

BCC Superintendent Bob Alsept considers the donation a win-win. “Our staff supports one of our students while also helping the community through this donation. We get to help folks who need help right now, and that’s a good feeling,” he said.

Staff members began contributing money to the fundraising effort in September. All money was raised by teachers, instructors, support workers, administration and others.

This is the 12th consecutive year staff members have raised money to purchase a hog from a student, raising a total of $13,700.50 over the years. The effort was spearheaded this year by Sherry Cardani, the superintendent’s secretary.

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