Tiger Way award presented to local pastors

Tiger Way award presented to local pastors
Barb Limbacher

Pastor Jason Rissler, left; Carson Ferrell, Elementary Student of Month; Asher Mumba, Middle School Student of Month; Ashlynn Briggs, High School Student of Month; and Pastor Matthew Wald. Rissler and Wald received the Tiger Way award.


The Youth-to-Youth gave a presentation during the March 20 Strasburg Board of Education meeting. The group received awards for an Advocacy through Art project from the Tuscarawas Health Department. They determined what information to include in a video and highlighted information and facts related to teen and adult vaping and the dangers associated with using e-cigarettes/vapes. Dawn Delcoma, adviser, created a document with facts that were used to guide the group of script writers for the project.

The scriptwriting team included Ashlynn Briggs, Jiana Marks, Hayden Weaver, Maya Fierbaugh and Nadia Weber. The on-air talent and production crew included Max Metz, Nadia Weber, Maya Fierbaugh, Ally Miller, Ella Gilkerson, Parker Edwards, Kylie McKenzie, Lizzy Hill and Mya McGhee.

Their Y2Y video production and public service announcement won first place in all three categories — for a second year in a row. The video will be aired by the Tuscarawas County Health Department and Empower Tusc at various events and on social media and organization websites. The Y2Y team will record the PSA at local radio stations.

In another matter the board passed a resolution authorizing the filing of an original complaint against the valuation of real property pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 5715.19. According to Superintendent Vince Lindsey, the resolution involves two commercial properties. He said the discrepancy is about $5 million.

Public speaks

Strasburg Mayor Bruce Metzger approached the board about installing an ice-skating rink at the north end of school property. He said Chase Willis agreed to set up a shed to hold skates and equipment. The company would set up the ice rink and furnish the skates. If approved, the rink would be set up in the fall. Metzger needs to know a decision by July. Board member Marsha Clark said liability insurance would need to be obtained and parking during other activities at the school should be reviewed. Metzger also suggested the idea of a skating rink to village council on March 19.

The board also did the following:

—Approved a maternity leave for Maggie Cerrato for the 2024-25 school year beginning about September 2024 to Jan. 5, 2025.

—Hired Sarah Smith and Suzanne Wherley, academic tutors, for the remainder of the school year to be paid $30 per hour, part-time and not to exceed 29 hours, and to be paid from Title I funds, effective March 11.

—Approved hiring Tammy Stockert, Caitlin Brown, Brody Ferris and Karen Dreher as monitors for the remainder of the school year at $15 per hour, part-time and not to exceed 10 hours a week, and to be paid from Title I, effective March 13.

—Accepted $600 from Strasburg St. John UCC and $135 from Strasburg UMC for school lunches.

—Entered a three-year contract with Solid Rock Photos for school photos for kindergarten to 12th grade.

—Heard kindergarten registration will be held April 17 and 18.

—Held an executive session for employment or compensation of an employee or official or to consider the sale of property at competitive bidding. No action was taken.

Other information

The board recognized March Tiger of the Month recipients Ashlynn Briggs, high school; Asher Mumba, middle school; and Carson Ferrell, elementary.

The board presented the Tiger Way award to Jason Rissler, pastor of Strasburg St. John United Church of Christ, and Matthew Wald, pastor of the Strasburg United Methodist Church, for their participation in Fellowship of Christian Athletes and other events held at the school.

The next meeting will be held April 17 at 6:30 p.m. at 140 N. Bodmer Ave. in Strasburg.

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