Bond issue offers best option for the money

Bond issue offers best option for the money

Letter to the Editor:

Asking voters for money to build new schools always brings out the best and worst in people. That’s OK because it’s the most costly item on our property-tax statements.

When the State of Ohio indicated New Philadelphia schools could receive 55 percent of the cost of new construction, I wanted to know more. That is my money they want to return to me. I attended several meetings where wants, needs and costs were discussed.

My opinions were heard by all including the school board and other citizens. We voted on what we liked and what we didn’t like. The final option, made by all of us, came out of those meetings.

To those opposed to the bond issue, I understand many of your reservations as I have a few of my own. However, I think this is the best option for the money. We cannot repair the buildings and get 55 percent of the cost. Repairing buildings would require the district to be responsible for all of the expense. I welcome the money that will pay for well over half the cost of new buildings.

For those of you who raise past decisions, those can’t be changed. Future generations should not have to pay for what are perceived as mistakes made by others. We would never see progress if we let that stop us.

I’m 69 years old with all the problems and future problems that inevitably come with aging and can’t be reversed. It’s the same with the existing school buildings. There comes a time when enough is enough. We shouldn’t pour money into one problem only to have another crop up shortly thereafter.

Consider your vote carefully and informatively. It is too important to all of New Philadelphia. On March 17, please vote for Issue 4 to build new schools.

Paula J Fawcett

NPHS Class of ‘69

New Philadelphia

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