New BSA troop starts GoFundMe

New BSA troop starts GoFundMe

BSA Troop 338 of Millersburg was started in fall 2019 and now has six members.


Boy Scouts of America Troop 338, a newly chartered group of girls age 11-18, is raising money through a GoFundMe account on Facebook.

Troop 338 has six members ranging in age from 11-16 and looks forward to growing. However, forming a new troop comes with many costs, and aside from the Scouters of Holmes County sponsoring the organization, there is a financial burden to families of Scouts. A new uniform alone can cost $80, membership fees have doubled to $60 per year, a book is $18, a typical campout costs $10-$15, a single badge costs on average $2 and a week at Scout camp costs $375.

Scouting helps members of Troop 338 explore many different areas through merit badge work. The girls have earned their plumbing, transportation and artist merit badges since the start of the troop in fall 2019.

Not only does Scouting let members explore different interests and careers, it teaches them respect, discipline and goal-driven skills. Scouting gives youth the basis for being productive members of the community.

The members of Troop 338 of Holmes County would greatly appreciate any monetary donation. The GoFundMe account can be found at

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