Pomerene lights up the season with Christmas Tree Festival

Pomerene lights up the season with Christmas Tree Festival

Nearly two-dozen Christmas trees, a dozen wreaths and many centerpieces were decked out in Christmas ornaments for the upcoming Pomerene Auxiliary Christmas Tree Festival that will take place Dec. 6-7 at Berlin Grande Hotel.


Berlin Grande Hotel in Berlin is always warm and inviting, but it will take on an especially inviting aura this early Christmas season as the annual Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Tree Festival takes place there.

The cost to attend the festival is $5 per person while children 14 years old and younger are free. It will be open to the public on Friday, Dec. 6 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Christmas Tree Festival will feature dozens of decorated Christmas trees, wreaths, centerpieces and small furniture items, all of which will be available for purchase. Close to a dozen raffle items also will be available with all proceeds going to the Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary. Raffle tickets will be $1 each or six for $5.

This year has seen a major upgrade in the number of area businesses and organizations participating. The number of trees nearly doubled with 22, and there will be 12 wreaths and 27 centerpieces on display as well.

“We have gotten the best participation we have had yet from our area businesses and organizations,” said Rachel Kandel, public relations and marketing coordinator for Pomerene Hospital. “It is so exciting for us to see how this community goes above and beyond in supporting the hospital and the auxiliary. It is exciting to see what kind of decorations we will see from our decorators. We give them free rein and let them run with any idea they want to portray in their trees, wreaths or centerpieces. We have seen everything from very modern, to vintage, to themed trees that represent their business.”

Patrons may enjoy refreshments and cookies, and their first step into a Christmas wonderland will be greeted by a Christmas aura that will shine.

According to Cindy Yoder, volunteer services coordinator with the Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary, Kaufman Bakery and Batter Up have provided cookies and cupcakes, respectively, for the event, giving patrons something to enjoy as they peruse the decorations.

Yoder said this event is the auxiliary’s biggest fundraiser of the year and they are excited this year because of the amount of participation they have received from the community.

“It’s such an enjoyable community event that gets so many of our businesses and organizations involved,” Yoder said. “Over the years people have expressed how much fun they have with this and how it helps build a bond within their organizations as they decide how they want to create their decorations. We never know what we might see come in. It is always a surprise, but they are always amazing.”

This is no simple undertaking, and Yoder said the committee begins planning in July and throwing out feelers to community members who might not exactly be in the Christmas spirit when the temperature is 95 F outside. However, that is the kind of teamwork and effort it takes to put such an involved event in place.

Patrons may purchase any of the items throughout the two-day event, but it is on a first come, first buy basis, so they encourage people to come in early to get the complete selection.

While the decorations might be purchased, all of the items will remain on display throughout the two-day event.

“It really is an amazing and beautiful sight because all of our participants do a great job of decorating their trees and wreaths,” Kandel said.

Each decoration has a price tag on it, which is determined by the expense that goes into creating each piece, so the price range will vary from more inexpensive pieces to bigger ticket items.

Patrons to the event may use the private entrance to the Star Room at Berlin Grande Hotel, where a Christmas tree extravaganza awaits. Patrons can peruse the themed trees and wreaths and pick out their favorite.

This event began in the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce building before moving to Hotel Millersburg and David Warther Carvings near Walnut Creek, then coming to Berlin Grande Hotel last year.

“We are very excited to once again host this event,” said Doug Burgess, general manager at Berlin Grande Hotel. “They kind of outgrew their former facility and wanted to make it centrally located in the county, and we were thrilled to be able to help. It is a wonderful event that helps escalate everyone’s Christmas spirit as we draw closer to Christmas.”

Burgess said they have Christmas music playing and the room is decorated to enhance the Christmas spirit. He said it is a great way to enjoy some time soaking in the Christmas aura.

“It was a huge success last year, and it will be every bit as great this season,” Burgess said.

You can see the list of sponsors who will create the trees, wreaths and centerpieces that will be displayed during the Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Tree Festival’s 10th anniversary event in the ad on page 23.

Berlin Grand Hotel is located at 4787 Township Road 366 in Berlin.

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