Read amendment, then vote yes on 1

Read amendment, then vote yes on 1

Letter to the Editor,

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation on Issue 1. Voters on both sides of Issue 1 need to take the time to read the actual amendment to the constitution.

It does not change the current restrictions on abortion in Ohio. It does ensure the Ohio legislature does not interfere with medical decisions between a patient and their doctor and prevents interference with birth control.

It does not address any gender-related issues; it does not allow abortion on demand, nor does it interfere with parental rights as opponents to this amendment would have you believe.

The best way to restrict abortion and eliminate it is to remove the need, not the reproductive freedoms. Supporting children with nutrition, medical care, education, security, and parents with affordable childcare and fair wages would be dollars well spent on eliminating the need in our society. Politicians should be working policies that support children and parents and not getting involved in highly personal medical decisions.

Read the amendment and vote yes on Issue 1 to protect the rights of Ohio citizens.

Jonathan Harvey


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