Reader viewpoint: No on Issue 1

Reader viewpoint: No on Issue 1

Letter to the Editor:

I am writing to encourage a no vote on State Issue 1, which will be the only issue on the ballot in a special election on Aug. 8. This issue changes the required threshold for all future state issues from 50% citizen approval to 60% citizen approval. There have been critical infrastructure issues in the past that have been approved with less than 60% of the vote; this issue could jeopardize infrastructure funding and future progress in Ohio.

Issue 1 will reduce my rights as a voter because a minority of 40% of the voters could be in control. I am not the only one who believes Issue 1 is a bad idea; the following people have publicly stated the Aug. 8 issue is a bad idea:

—Robert Taft, former Republican governor.

—Ted Strickland, former Democratic governor.

—John Kasich, former Republican governor.

—Dick Celeste, former Democratic governor.

—Nancy Rogers, former Democratic attorney general.

—Betty Montgomery, former Republican attorney general.

—Lee Fisher, former Democratic attorney general.

—Jim Petro, former Republican attorney general.

—Rich Cordray, former Democratic attorney general.

Please exercise your right to vote on or before Aug. 8. I encourage you to vote no on Issue 1 and retain majority rule in Ohio.

Joe Bachman

New Philadelphia

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