Zoom sessions to discuss health assessment results

Zoom sessions to discuss health assessment results

Several healthcare and social service providers and agencies in Wayne County have been working together for the past year to conduct a community health assessment, which will help the committee prioritize goals and formulate strategies to address various health concerns for county residents in the next year. The report focuses on health issues identified by various data sources including Wayne County residents’ responses to a survey and some community conversations. The entire report will be posted on the Wayne County Health Department website.

“It is important to give the community an opportunity to further comment and make suggestions going forward to inform our final draft as well as perhaps a road map for health improvement planning,” said Nicholas Cascarelli, Wayne County health commissioner.

These are preliminary findings of the assessment, and citizen input is welcome. There is an invitation to comment with its posting on the Wayne County Health Department website at www.wayne-health.org.

The health department will host two virtual town hall sessions where it will present the findings and give attendees the opportunity to comment. These will be held Thursday, Jan. 25 from 10 a.m. to noon and 5-7 p.m. on Zoom. If you would like to request access to attend one of the sessions, email Elesa Eaken at eeaken@wayne-health.org or call 330-264-9590 ext. 229 to reserve your spot.

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