HopeQuest making Kenyan pastors a part of the family

HopeQuest making Kenyan pastors a part of the family

Kenyan pastors and their families can do more with a few hundred dollars than Americans can. Supporting Kenyan pastors has been at the heart of Paul and Cindy Mullet, and they hope others will catch that vision.


It’s 5 a.m. in Kenya. A local pastor walks a remote path to church to pray before heading to town to purchase rice and some other food to distribute to his community and church members in great need.

However, eyes are watching this man as he walks, eyes that are connected to cold hearts full of greed. The men jump out of the bushes, attack the pastor, beating him, stabbing him and robbing him of the money that was meant to do good for others. The men have their hearts set on killing this innocent pastor. Their knives have slashed his arms, his tongue, his cheeks and are now at his throat.

The pastor cries out to God and tells the men that in the name of Jesus, they may not kill him. The men hesitate, then flee, leaving the pastor severely wounded but alive.

The pastor survived. The event leaves him physically shaken but only encouraged his faith to grow.

Sadly, this situation is not uncommon in the remote areas of Kenya.

The money the pastor had stolen from him was from a donation by Paul and Cindy Mullet of HopeQuest Ministries. Upon hearing about the devastating situation, the Mullets sent him $300 for a new phone, to cover doctor bills and for more food.

Paul Mullet said in talking with the pastor during his recovery, they know their financial aid and their prayers are being felt.

“He said he has never felt this much love in his life,” Paul Mullet said. “That is something beautiful coming out of something horrible.”

Over the past several years, the Mullets have traveled to Kenya and connected with 15 pastors. Despite serving in very poor communities in which the local people can’t help support them, these pastors serve faithfully and relentlessly, oftentimes putting the needs of their church people in front of their own and sometimes even their families.

Because of that, the pastors have become world-worn, tired and are struggling to make ends meet. But their faith remains strong. For that reason the Mullets have developed a unique bond with these Kenyan pastors and have made a commitment to reach out to them on a monthly basis to show their support financially. When they visit, they provide encouragement, share the Gospel and help where they can, but they realize that in sending financial support, they can provide in many ways.

The hops is others will catch the vision and share abundantly.

HopeQuest Ministries has committed to sending monthly donations to Kenya to help support the pastors. Those funds have in turn already helped nearly five-dozen households and a children’s home that houses 40 children.

The $150 each month may not seem like that much money, but in Kenya it is a Godsend that can provide far beyond what it would here in the United States.

According to Paul Mullet, that amount would provide food for three months for a large family.

Mullet said in giving to the pastors, they know the funds will eventually be shared with others in the community, but one of the most important factors is these Kenyan pastors recognize there are people who care about them, support them and want their mission to serve God in Kenya to grow.

“The gratitude and thanks we receive from the pastors on a regular basis is inspiring,” Mullet said. “It is both uplifting and at times heartbreaking, knowing the situation they are living in and seeing their faith in action on a daily basis. They are incredible people who are absolutely devoted to serving God. They have so little but are so happy. Their faith and commitment have been an unbelievable blessing to us.”

Mullet said they are quick to share with the pastors that while they are giving and they appreciate their gratefulness, God is the one who is deserving of the glory because he is the one blessing this whole situation.

The Mullets have seen the impact they have had with a little support, and now they are reaching out into the community to see if there are churches, businesses or individuals who feel the calling to support these people of great faith half a world away.

They have already seen some response, and this particular time is critically important because COVID-19 has hit Kenya and its low-income areas particularly hard.

HopeQuest is working through African Christian International, an organization that has created more than 500 church plants in Africa. HopeQuest will continue to put its efforts toward aiding the 15 pastors with whom they have built a loving, ongoing relationship, knowing with their giving hearts, the blessing will spread.

With each correspondence and each return trip to Kenya, the Mullets have enjoyed watching the growth in the church and the faith in action of these pastors.

“What we have received and given has already been put to great use,” Mullet said. “There are so many immediate needs that must be met.”

The plan is to continue to grow the support through financial giving, and when the food needs are met, there are countless other ways the money can be put to good use, from purchasing trucks, to creating business opportunities, to providing supplies for agriculture, businesses and more.

If anyone is interested in joining the effort to support these Kenyan pastors and their families, churches and communities, they can call HopeQuest Ministries at 330-464-6674 or email cindy@hopequestmin.org.

For more information on ACM, visit www.missionsafrica.org.

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