Jason St. John claims a victory in Janet Jackson Memorial

Jason St. John claims a victory in Janet Jackson Memorial

As the summer heats up, the racing at Hilltop Speedway has followed suit. The most recent edition was a race in the Janet Jackson Memorial on Friday, June 21.


The first day of summer on Friday, June 21 at Hilltop Speedway was a perfect night at the track with six divisions to see action including the Newfast Motorsports mini stocks for its $1,000 to win Janet Jackson Memorial Race.

The night’s events began with the Newfast Motorsports truck division with a field of 10 competitors. Running a 20-lap feature only with line-up by pill draw, it was Josey Lillibridge and Evan Large sitting on the front row.

Taking the early lead from pole position, it was Lillibridge with Travis Hare running second. Making his way to the front, Dwayne Powell would work his way around Hare to claim second. However, caution would come out, giving Hare second and the opportunity to defend Powell once again.

With the green back out, Rolly Heyder would make a late charge to the front, working around Powell and Hare onto the bumper of Lillibridge. Pressuring for the lead, Lillibridge would lose a handle off turn two, allowing Heyder to take the lead. Lillibridge was undeterred and would charge back, but unfortunately contact between the two would send Lillibridge back to third.

As the checkered dropped, it was Heyder picking up the win, followed by Powell, Lillibridge, Hare and Jerry Gardner.

Vic Hottinger would set fast time among 19 Holmes Tire late models while TJ Watson and Anthony Kinkade each picked up a heat race win. JR Gentry would win the dash, placing him pole for the night’s feature.

Bringing the field to the green, outside pole sitter Shane McLoughlin would take the early lead over the field as Flyin’ Ryan Markham would work his way around Gentry to claim second with two laps down. With an early caution, the field would single file back to the green, where McLoughlin would again retain the top spot as Markham and Gentry battled it out for second.

Meanwhile, working the high side and finding his way up into the top five was Kinkade. Twelve laps down, the front of the field would find themselves approaching lap traffic, to which Corey Conley would use to his advantage to drive around Gentry for third.

Three-wide with lap traffic, Conley would battle with Markham for second. On lap 19 caution would once again come out, providing clean air for the front of the field. Back under green, McLoughlin fought to the front as Conley would work the low line off two to claim second on lap 21. With his is sights on the leader, Conley would make a hard charge into turn three on the inside of McLoughlin, ultimately passing for the lead coming to the white flag.

With the checkered in the air, adding another win to his season was Conley, followed by McLoughlin, Markham, Gentry and Kinkade.

A full field of 27 Newfast Motorsports mini stocks were in attendance for the $1,000 to win Janet Jackson Memorial Race. Heat race winners were Wes Staley, Cory Staley, Billy Parsons and Wyatt Zimmerman. A last-chance-race win went to Tony Mullinnex.

With the field set after a top-three redraw, the green was out for the 25-lap feature, where Jason St. John would take the early lead. Jeremy Hudson was a close second and challenging side by side for the lead. However, St. John would maintain his lead as caution came out with nine laps down. Back under green, St. John was out front while Brad Hensel made his way through the field to challenge for the lead.

With 11 laps in the books, Hensel would challenge St. John and ultimately take the lead. With a new leader, caution would once again come out with 14 laps down. Slow to the restart, Hensel would jump out front as a three-wide battle between Hudson, St. John and Corey Staley ensued for second through fourth.

Trouble would then rear its ugly head for Hensel, forcing the race leader to slow and opening the door for St. John. With the white flag in the air, St. John would drive around a broken Hensel to pick up the win and claim the $1,000 Janet Jackson Memorial Race. Rounding out the top five was Parsons, Staley, Hensel and Dale Beckett, who also received the hard charger award.

The Bugs R Gone modified division had a field of 16 with The Outlaw Jesse Wisecarver setting fast time with a 16.140. A single heat race win went to Kyle Moore with the dash win going to DJ Cline.

Setting the pace to the start of their 20-lap feature, it was DJ Cline who would take the early lead with the first lap in the books. With Cline out front, the battle for second would ensue between Wisecarver and The Logger Kevin Morehouse.

On lap six, front runners would see lap traffic for the first time, allowing Cline to advance while Nathon Loney broke into the top five. Caution would bunch the field back up for the restart. During single file back to the green, Cline would again take the top spot as Loney would look to the inside of Morehouse for second.

Securing second, Loney would look to take the lead. However, caution would once again come out with 13 laps down. Back under green, Loney would once again make a charge to the front, running side by side down the front stretch with Cline for the lead.

Unfortunately contact between the two would open the door for Morehouse on the high side. On lap 18, caution came back out, bunching the front runners for the restart. Once again lined up for a green, white and checker finish, Cline would jump out front, challenged by Morehouse. Side by side the two would battle for the lead. Morehouse on the outside, Cline on the inside and door to door off of turn four it would be Morehouse edging out Cline to pick up the win. Third went to Scott Peltz, fourth to Chris Basich and fifth to Jess Hartman.

The Holmes Pest Control street stocks featured a field of 14 with Tyler Nicely and David Potts each picking up a heat race win. After top-three redraw, Michael Amick would be bringing the field to the start of their feature event, taking the early lead. Looking in from second was Jim Nicely.

However, he would be unable to surpass Amick, who would put nearly a straight away lead between himself and the rest of the field. Remaining out front, leading green to checker to pick up his first feature win was Amick. Finishing second was Nicely, third was Bob Daugherty, fourth David Potts and fifth Kevin Potts.

Rounding out the night’s events were the Rigz Towing and Snyder Hot Shot Truck and Trailer modlites with Braden Tucker, Tracy Fritter and Tanner McLoughlin all picking up heat race wins. After top-three redraw, The Toboso Bullet Jimmy Smith and Cody Stillion would set the front row.

Setting the pace to the green, Smith would claim the top spot as McLoughlin worked his way to second. Caution with one to go would bunch the field back up, giving McLoughlin one more attempt to claim the lead. Nevertheless, with the green back out, it was Jimmy Smith retaining the top spot, parking it for the sixth time in victory lane. Second went to McLoughlin, third Fritter and fourth Stillion.

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