NewPointe Marriage Conference can help couples reconnect

NewPointe Marriage Conference can help couples reconnect

The upcoming NewPointe Marriage Conference March 24-25 is for couples starting out or ones decades in the making and is worthwhile for couples struggling to reconnect and for ones who want to strengthen strong marriages.


The happy day when two become one — for some it is a blessed day that lasts a lifetime of wedded bliss, and for others, it can be a series of struggles that leads to a growing rift that can tear a marriage apart when words are left unspoken.

No couple ever dreams of having a marriage that is plagued with struggles, but all too often couples lack the proper plan to ensure a happy and healthy marriage.

With that in mind, NewPointe Church will host a retreat designed to help couples create a game plan, build their relationship and develop a future that brings back the passion and joy of when they first met.

The NewPointe Church Marriage Conference will take place at the Sugarcreek facility on Friday, March 24 from 6-9 p.m. and Saturday, March 25 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and MJ Kitchen, NewPointe executive director of strategic ministries, said couples can expect an uplifting weekend where they can turn all of their focus on one another.

“Today, marriage is hard, and it takes intentionality,” Kitchen said. “This conference is geared toward couples who want to make that extra step to stay in touch and develop their commitment to one another.”

For those couples who are struggling, it could be a time of regrowth, and for those couples who are elated with their marriage, it can be a way of preparing for the future and developing an even deeper love and appreciation for one another.

Couple are invited to enjoy a weekend with one another as they glean from Todd and Rene Clark, experienced marriage coaches who will provide presentations designed to help couples make meaningful investments for a strong, successful and satisfying relationship now and in the future.

“The Clarks have more than 25 years of experience in ministry, but their real passion is to work with couples on developing strategic plans to enhance their marriage,” Kitchen said. “So often marriages take a backseat to jobs and kids and life, but if a couple isn’t OK, then the family isn’t OK.”

The cost to attend the retreat is $75 per couple, which includes dinner and dessert on Friday and a continental breakfast on Saturday. While registration ends March 22 and is encouraged, Kitchen said they will take couples up until the day of the event who don’t preregister.

“We don’t want anyone to miss out on something special,” Kitchen said. ‘While it’s an event designed for couples in a committed relationship, it is something that would also be great for couples who are dating or engaged to attend because it’s all about developing a better relationship for now and the future.”

She said many couples are making that weekend a date night, where they can spend time together, and some are even booking a hotel room and finding sitters for the evening so they can invest in creating precious time together.

The conference will be set up at round tables with four couples per table, which will generate plenty of opportunities for couples to interact and learn from each other, a practice that will be encouraged during the event.

“For those couples who are struggling, this can be a time of rebuilding hope, and for those who are at a great place, it can be something that creates and even greater bond,” Kitchen said. “Just because you go to a marriage conference doesn’t mean you’re struggling. It only means that both of you are ready to take steps in growing your relationship, and that’s a great thing.”

Those wishing to preregister for the conference may do so on the church’s website at

NewPointe Community Church is located at 3950 state Route 39 NW in Dover, halfway between Dover and Sugarcreek.

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