Salem Mennonite youth holding pancake breakfast

Salem Mennonite youth holding pancake breakfast

The Salem Youth Fellowship at Salem Mennonite Church in Dalton is preparing for a Pancake Feed on Nov. 12 to raise money for an international mission trip in 2023. The group includes Tessa Daniels, front left, Amara Horner, Caitlyn Daniels, Gabe Clark; back, Karey Lehman, Isaac Himes, Courtney Nolt, Naomi Himes, Emberlyn Nolt, Analeia Hershberger, Harper Shue and Lilli Ediger.


The first Pancake Feed will be held at Salem Mennonite Church in Dalton on Nov. 12 from 7:30-10 a.m. The community is invited to come out and support the church youth group’s fundraiser for its 2023 international mission trip. Salem Youth Fellowship and their parents will serve pancakes and toppings including gluten-free and dairy-free pancakes, along with sausage.

When trying to think of ways to raise money and bring the community together, the idea of a pancake breakfast came to mind.

“Pancakes are one of those memory foods for lots of people,” said Hank Unruh, family life pastor at the church. “I remember sitting in multiple church basements having pancakes with my parents and grandparents growing up. It’s a way to bring people together for food and good conversation. Plus, they are kind of fun to make and not overly complicated that even youth who have little experience in the kitchen can jump in.”

The SYF is made up of 15-20 regular youth, representing four schools: Dalton, Central Christian, Smithville and Norwayne. The group meets every Wednesday in some form, either with Bible study inputs or girls and boys groups. They also try to do something fun each month and incorporate serving others when possible.

Every summer the SYF does some form of week-long trip. Although undecided as to where they will go in 2023, it will be an international trip.

“Mission trips are a vital part of the church,” Unruh said. “Through mission trips youth learn what it means to serve others. It also helps grow their understanding of the world around them. It is one thing to talk about people who are facing challenges. It is another to walk alongside and help.

“Our youth are an excited and motivated bunch. I think they will put a lot of work in. I also think many of them approach missions with open ears, eyes and hearts, getting to know those they are working alongside. They care, and the memories they have serving will influence how they live the rest of their lives.”

Funds raised will help offset the cost and could open the door for youth to come.

“Thank you for the support, not just for our group, but all the youth in the community. You empower the youth of our communities and open doors to amazing opportunities,” Unruh said.

Salem Mennonite Church is located at 3363 Zuercher Road in Dalton.

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