Mullet ready to take on the next challenge at AU

Mullet ready to take on the next challenge at AU
Dave Mast

Hiland senior guard Ashley Mullet may not look intimidating, but put her in a uniform with a basketball in her hands and place her in competition and she is more than fierce and determined. Mullet recently signed her letter of intent to play college ball at Ashland University.


Playing for the Hiland Lady Hawks revered basketball program has been something Hiland senior point guard Ashley Mullet has thrived on since stepping into a major role her freshman season.

Embracing the challenges of a difficult schedule and even tougher practices was something that inspired her, and being part of a program that is challenging for a shot to play for a state title year after year energized her.

That type of challenge was exactly what she wanted to create in furthering her basketball career in college, so it wasn’t surprising to see her jump at the chance to sign her letter of intent to play at Ashland University, a Division II college program that knows a thing or two about chasing titles.

“The culture there, their incredible work ethic and the success they have, all of that is what I want to experience in the game, and it is very similar to what we experience here at Hiland,” Mullet said. “Plus, it’s close to home, and the school is ideal, so I liked everything about the opportunity to attend AU.”

Mullet has proven she is up to every challenge, and working her way into an Eagles rotation that has tons of talent is simply another step in the evolution of her game.

“I love a challenge, and I like the fact that Ashland is a program where everyone is willing to put in the work to meet their goals,” Mullet said. “That’s exciting to me. That program likes a challenge, and I like a challenge too.”

Mullet said she fell in love with the game of basketball at a young age and she looked forward to playing biddy ball in her elementary school years because the coaching staff made the game fun and challenging at the same time.

“I love being around the game,” Mullet said.

Mullet has done all of the little things that go into making a player great, little things that are at times too boring and mundane for many players to practice relentlessly.

Her head coach Brady Schlabach said the skills Mullet brings to the game are far more than the statistics she puts forth playing on the hardwood.

He said attributes like being a great leader, a hard worker and her ability to stay calm in any situation, which he said then rubs off on her teammates, are just a few of the attributes that have added Mullet’s name to the ever-growing list of all-time greats in the Lady Hawks program who have gone on to play collegiately.

“She’s never been afraid of a challenge,” Schlabach said of Mullet. “She cares about the little things, and she is the type of kid who if her shot is off a little bit, she’s going to stay and put in the extra work until it’s right.”

He said Mullet is a film hound, putting in exorbitant hours studying game film on opponents to find their strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, he said she brings so much leadership and a positive mindset to not only her teammates on the floor, but also to everyone she is around off the floor.

“She is everything a coach could want in a point guard and a player,” Schlabach said. “She is basically a second coach on the floor. That’s how well she understands the game.”

Mullet came into the program as the little sister of another Hiland standout, her sister Brynn Mullet, who is entering her third year at Ohio Dominican University.

In entering the program, Ashley was known as a kid who could fill it up beyond the arc. However, over her career she has developed into a complete player, and Schlabach said she earned it the hard way through working relentlessly.

“Every year she adds something new to her gamer, and she has taken work in the offseason to heart,” Schlabach said. “She has become a tremendous attacker to the bucket, and she’s become a gifted passer. And defensively, we have her on the other team’s best player, which is unique because she is also our go-to scorer. But that is the type of player she has become.”

Schlabach said Mullet’s drive to compete and become a winner was one of the things that drew her to Ashland University, a program known for challenging for a national title year after year.

Mullet said her leadership skills are probably the one thing she has worked the hardest on to perfect, knowing that as the point guard she is the focal point of the Lady Hawks.

“I’ve grown a lot as a leader, and I’m not scared to take criticism and take on responsibility,” Mullet said. “I’m also not afraid to call someone out if they aren’t working hard enough but without nitpicking insignificant things. That’s part of being a team and gaining the trust of teammates and the coaching staff.”

Mullet said she is thinking of pursuing a degree in marketing and graphic design at AU, but for now she will set her sights on being the best player, leader and teammate she can be for the coming season.

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