Right now, country is a hot mess

Right now, country is a hot mess

Our country is in a hot mess, and I have a few ideas why this happened. How did someone or something seize control of our country while we weren’t paying attention? Who erased the U.S. border and allowed 5 million illegals to cross it? Who decided to turn our backs on abundant, cheap energy, needlessly squandering our nation’s wealth on windmills, solar farms and battery-powered cars for the rich while working people struggle to buy once-affordable fuel for their cars and homes?

How did it become OK for mobs to riot in the streets, burn down businesses and attack our police? Who decided criminals shouldn’t be penalized for theft, murder and mayhem in our streets and cities? Why weren’t the bullies and thugs who surrounded homes of the conservative Supreme Court justices hauled off to jail but patriotic Americans who attended a rally by a sitting president were hunted down by the FBI? As far as I’ve seen, none of the thugs who harassed the justices’ homes have been arrested.

How did it suddenly become normal to tempt children to change their gender but wrong to object? Why is Social Security in danger of going bankrupt, yet our government has never-ending funds to take care of the millions of illegals pouring into our country every
day? Why didn’t our shameful and embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan prompt a single congressional hearing? Why are we paying Ukrainian pensions when there are homeless
veterans on our streets? Why are working-class Americans now expected to pay off the student loans of other people’s children?

Could it be because our government, press and media have become so corrupt and biased that it’s now virtually impossible for American citizens to find out the truth? We’ve allowed the systematic takeover of our country by tyrants without a shot being fired. No one can save us now but ourselves, and we’d better get cracking.

Sue Froelich

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