WCA welcomes new digital instructor

WCA welcomes new digital instructor

Introduction to Stop Motion for age 12-15 will provide an introduction to stop motion film using Legos. It’s one of the new offerings this summer from the Wayne Center for the Arts and new digital arts coordinator Wesley Schofield.


Wayne Center for the Arts recently announced the addition of Wesley Schofield to its team. Schofield will join the WCA staff as the new digital arts coordinator.

Schofield has been creating video content for more than 10 years. Born in small-town Arizona, he spent his life learning to create graphics, videos and audio content. In 2018 he entered the professional world of videography, producing hundreds of videos from advertisements and music videos to an award-winning documentary and tutorials spanning both the fine arts and digital arts.

“We are very pleased to welcome Wesley to the team. His passion for emerging technologies and how they integrate with art will help grow our Digital Arts Program, something we’ve been eager to see happen,” WCA Executive Director Sara Brink said.

Community and economic development has been a driving force in Schofield’s life. Belonging to his hometown’s Skatepark Committee and Downtown Revitalization Project, he is ready to bring that same passion to Wooster. He has been a counselor at Camp Nuhop for the past year.

“I already feel very connected to Wayne County and am so pleased to be here,” Schofield said. “I can’t wait to get into the classroom.”

Schofield will introduce three new digital arts classes this summer. Introduction to Livestreaming for age 10-14 will focus on how to build scenes in OBS Studio, how to find your voice on camera/over the mic and how to manage your broadcasts for later viewing on demand. Introduction to Stop Motion for age 12-15 will provide an introduction to stop motion film using Legos. Introduction to Photoshop for age 14-18 will provide students with a foundation to create their own digital pieces.

While these classes are primarily for teens, Schofield promises classes for a wider age range in upcoming sessions.

For more information or to register for classes, visit www.WayneArtsCenter.org/classes or call 330-264-2787.

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