AultCare: A Healthcare Plan with Your Well-Being in Mind

AultCare: A Healthcare Plan with Your Well-Being in Mind

Our Care Coordination team is comprised of clinical staff trained to supplement healthcare services received by your physician, pharmacist, and other healthcare professionals.


AultCare is a local healthcare organization and offers healthcare plans designed to fit your budget and benefit needs. AultCare values the well-being of its members, and the community is always at the forefront. Through the coordination of both health and wellness, members receive a value that extends beyond a health plan.

AultCare’s Care Coordination Program is designed to meet the needs of its members. In this program, clinical departments work collectively to manage the care of members with support from physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and other clinical support staff. At no additional cost to the member, AultCare’s clinical team works alongside members’ physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals to ensure members receive coordinated, quality care.

Case Management, just one of the clinical departments included in the Care Coordination Program, helps members navigate through the complex healthcare system. Members receive quality and cost-effective outcomes through assessment, planning, coordination, education and referral by AultCare’s trained case managers.

Disease Management is another clinical department focused on providing education on prevention and ensuring members with chronic health issues have all the tools and services necessary to help improve their health. Disease Management offers tele-monitoring and educational programs for members with COPD, congestive heart failure, diabetes, behavioral-health concerns and those at-risk for developing diabetes or experiencing a stroke. Members in these tele-monitoring and educational programs work with a health coach and have exclusive access to educational material to understand their healthcare needs.

Members can even be part of special support groups to learn about specific issues related to their heart failure or diabetes diagnosis and lean on other members who are going through the same experiences. With the aid of a registered nurse, members work together to increase self-management of their healthcare and take control of their well-being.

“At AultCare, we want our members to have the quality of care and service they need and deserve. We want them to feel like family,” said Jodi Edmunds, director of Clinical Quality, Disease Management and Case Management at AultCare.

If you have a question, you can call AultCare and a person who understands you and the culture of the community will help you with your needs. The staff at AultCare works tirelessly to help build a healthier community and they accomplish this goal by employing excellent customer service.

Well-being also consists of making sure you get the care you want where you want it. With over 30 in-network hospitals and nearly 8,000 network providers, you can receive care from the facility or provider of your choice. Network coverage is dependent upon the health plan you choose. A network is a list of physicians, specialists and facilities covered by the health plan. If you have a preferred physician, be sure to verify your physician is part of your health plan. AultCare offers many plans ranging in coverage from smaller, local networks to larger, expansive networks. With AultCare, you can easily find a network that fits your needs. In addition, AultCare members have a choice of several different health plans with plan options to fit the member’s needs.

You can only change your individual or family plan coverage once a year, unless you have a qualifying life event. A qualifying event is anything considered a change in your situation, such as getting married, having a baby, moving or losing group health coverage from an employer. You must change your coverage within 60 days of the life event. The only other time you can change your coverage is during the annual open-enrollment period. In Ohio, the annual open-enrollment period begins Nov. 1 and ends Dec. 15.

Searching for healthcare coverage can be confusing, but AultCare’s trained professionals can help you select a plan that best fits your needs so you can live a life of well-being. For more information on what well-being services AultCare provides to its members, visit

Due to COVID-19, AultCare’s offices are currently closed for walk-in appointments, but you can call AultCare at 330-363-6360 to discuss your options or schedule an in-person meeting at their offices. You can also visit to learn more.

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