Banking on The Community

Banking on The Community
Randy L. McKee

Front, left to right: Marty Merryman, Steve Coutts, Taylor Wright, Debbie Lukens. Back, left to right: Nichole Zesiger, Bob Wolf, Dustin Karl, Brian Williams, Bob Michels.


Nichole Zesiger, president of First National Bank of Dennison believes a great community bank should be focused on making the lives of the people who live and work in the community better and more productive. “That’s why we want to be the first choice when it comes to borrowing or depositing money,” Zesiger said. “Our lending products will help you buy what you need to fulfill your dreams, whether that’s building a beautiful new home, buying a new car, purchasing an RV to travel the open road, expand your business, or head off to college.”

To help people in the community get to where they want to go, personally and financially, First National Bank of Dennison stays up to date on the latest technological innovations. Smarter banking solutions like online banking, remote deposit and a mobile banking app give you the freedom to manage your money from wherever you may be. You can also pay your bills remotely via iPay, BillPay with Alexa, Smart Pay Express and MobiMoney.

“Last fall, we added BaZing to our personal checking accounts in an effort to encourage customers to shop and save locally. With BaZing, our customers enjoy exclusive discounts while supporting local businesses,” Zesiger said.

And while the technology offered by First National Bank of Dennison means you never actually have to set foot in the bank, Zesiger said theirs is still a people business and she and her team love connecting with customers.

“We intentionally don’t have an automated system answering our phone,” she said. “If the only contact with us a person has is over the phone, we want that connection to be a personal one.”

During the pandemic, with more people hunkering down at home, First National stayed true to its community commitment by providing loan extensions and renewals to business owners in an effort to help with cash flow constraints. “We participated in the Small Business Associations’ Paycheck Protection Program, which enabled us to help nearly 200 small businesses make payroll,” Zesiger said. “Business owners had their money within days of applying. We’re grateful to have played a part in helping the community navigate such a challenging time.”

Zesiger’s passion for providing exceptional service to every customer First National Bank serves is evident in everything she does, and that same dedication to service excellence has been instilled in her team. The photos accompanying this story feature customer-facing employees, but Zesiger said her job as team leader compels her to acknowledge the hard work and dedication the back-office staff members contribute as well.

Polly Clark, Teresa Moore, Charlene Abel, Tammie Dunlap, Amy Katitich, David Lawrence, Michele Grant, Michael Zimmerman, Marah Walker, Robert Murry, John Bartles, Linzi Dunn, Laurie Quillen, Sonya Campbell may not be the faces who greet you when you visit, but their roles in helping to propel First National Bank of Dennison to the top have been vital.

Nobody can predict the future, but the certainty of continued change in the banking arena and beyond is assured. Zesiger said despite the recent societal upheavals, the strength of First National Bank of Dennison remains unchallenged.

“In this time of uncertainty, it’s comforting for people to know they can count on us to be there, no matter what the world throws at us,” she said. “And we’ll continue to meet any challenges that come our way with strength and fortitude. We’re committed to remaining relevant and competitive, so our customers will always have the latest advancements in the industry at their fingertips, the most competitive rates, and, naturally, the best customer service.”

First National Bank of Dennison has five area locations. Find out more, including hours and location information, at

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