Carpets and floors clean enough for royalty

Carpets and floors clean enough for royalty
Randy L. McKee

Aladdin’s magic carpet promises to sweep you off your feet. Then there are those carpets that genuinely have a life of their own — protozoic breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Chances are your carpets fall somewhere in between. Even if you vacuum every day, they could still use a little magic.

The average carpet can pack up to four times its weight in accumulated dirt and dust. Take a step back and you’ll notice your carpet doesn’t look nearly as good as when it was new.

You’re not alone. Few realize carpets, upholstery and even hard surfaces in our homes or businesses need to be deep cleaned every six to twelve months.

Crowning Touch Cleaning Consultants does the trick of making carpets, furniture and tile like new again.

With over 60 years of collective experience up their sleeves, the trusted family-run business’ technicians have both the right touch and the right tools.

“The Aero Tech is the most powerful carpet-cleaning unit in the world. It’s a truck-mounted unit,” said Robert Stover, who owns Crowning Touch with his aptly named wife, Regina. “We strive to deliver the very best service. We don’t cut corners – we clean them.”

Stover said the Aero Tech heats the water to 220-250 degrees when leaving the machine, which greatly aids in cleaning your carpets. In addition the Aero Tech has a 300 lb. blower that pulls the air through the vacuum hoses. With this strong suction, soils, oils and pollutants are deposited in the trucks waste tank leaving your carpet clean, sanitized and damp to the touch.

“When folks see the unit for the first time, there’s a bit of a wow factor,” he said.

Rented carpet-cleaning machines can’t touch the power Crowning Touch’s technicians have to go deep and dislodge dirt and dust.

With top notch equipment, trained technicians can efficiently extract droplets of water containing the soils, oils and pollutants that you want outside your home and not inside. This gives you fast drying times, ensuring carpets do not backslide into breeding grounds.

Professional deep cleaning not only makes for a healthier environment, but also a happier environment. For Crowning Touch’s long-term clients, the wow factor doesn’t wear off.

Deep cleaning can restore and, when done regularly, extend the life of carpets and upholstery. Since 1997 Crowning Touch has left a lasting impression on hundreds of repeat clients in Carroll, Stark, Columbiana, Jefferson, Harrison and Tuscarawas counties.

According to Stover, they go the extra mile because they know how far their reputation travels.

“We go the extra mile, and we leave our clients with a free bottle of professional spotter with lifetime replacements,” he said. “We treat each of our clients as if they were family. We want every client who does us the courtesy of inviting us into their homes or businesses to be 100% thrilled.”

And he means it. Every carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning comes with a 200% guarantee. If you’re not 100% thrilled, Crowning Touch’s technicians will clean it again, and if you’re still not over the moon, Stover will refund your money and pay another cleaning company out of his pocket for you.

Stover makes sure Crowning Touch lives up to its name.

“We treat our clients as kings and queens and your home as your castle,” Stover said. “Our technicians are careful with hoses in your home. Nevertheless, we place corner guards in strategic places for protection.”

Crowning Touch moves furniture at your command, and no detail is too small.

“Some call it raking the carpet, but we prefer to call it grooming,” Stover said. “By setting the nap of the carpet in one direction, we leave a smooth, consistent finish that dries faster.”

The goal is to make carpets like new, something you have to see to believe.

Stover said Crowning Touch sets out to deliver on the promise of “a clean carpet fit for a king or queen,” and he said, “That’s the real trick to a happy home, because when the queen’s happy, the king’s happy.”

Call Crowning Touch Cleaning Consultants at 330-627-5700 or 800-777-0250 to schedule your cleaning or for a free in home quote. Find Crowning Touch for your home or business at

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