Family run business expands and grows

Family run business expands and grows
Scott Daniels

Michael and Mark Yoder


Mark Yoder, owner of Yoder’s Hometown Market in Dover, has seen his small, family run business expand and grow until more space was needed. The bulk goods store recently nearly doubled in size, to 2,400 square feet, and employs more than 20 people, most of them full time.

“We opened in May of 2010,” said Mark Yoder. “Our intention was to open just a small family business, but it has become big enough to be more than just family.” He said he began dreaming of enlarging the store from the time it opened 14 years ago. “This seemed like the right time to do it.”

Quality products, great customer service and low prices have meant success for the store, Mark Yoder said. “We’ve always tried to be an asset to the community.”

He has always been successful in finding good employees. “I thrive in good relationships,” said Mark Yoder. “I like good working relationships with good people.” Michael Yoder, his son in law, also helps with the business, working at a desk with computers and data. “I would not do well in the things he is good in. We’ve been fortunate to have the right people handling the right tasks.”

The additional square footage means fresh opportunities to offer even more value to area shoppers. “We’ve added more fresh produce with 36 feet of cooler on one side wall,” said Michael Yoder. “We’ve been able to add fresh Gerber chicken that isn’t frozen, more bacon and cheese options, and we have a lot more shelf space available.” The two men had just returned from a large food trade show in Pennsylvania, working to add more and varied products to the store.

One obvious addition to the store is aisle space, with plenty of room to conveniently pick up a few things or easily maneuver a shopping cart.

The biggest seller in the store is trail bologna, said Michael yoder. “We sell more than 17,000 rings of trail bologna every year, especially at the holidays.”

“Something that makes us unique,” said Mark Yoder, “are the unique dishes we offer that are made right here. We make potato salad, macaroni salad, two kinds of coleslaw, egg salad and tapioca pudding. Those are home recipes we make right here. We sell more than 11 and a half tons of macaroni and potato salad every year. People like to come in and get things like that quickly and be on their way. We’ve added another cash register to make sure people are able to shop and get what they need quickly.”

The store is popular for bulk flours and baking supplies, spices, snacks and candies, frozen, easy to prepare ingredients and a full selection of deli meats and cheeses. With the new additions to the store thanks to a doubling of available space, they hope to keep adding new items that prove to be popular and well received. “For example, we’ll be able to offer paper products, plates and napkins, where we just didn’t have room for before,” said Michael Yoder, adding additional outdoor space will offer a new line of durable outdoor furniture.

Additions in physical space have been matched with online space, offering the ability to place an order online via the website for quick pickup at the store.

Yoder’s Hometown Market is at 1020 N. Tuscarawas Ave., Dover. Find them online at The store is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed Sunday.

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