Sniffspot gives your dog the chance to run

Sniffspot gives your dog the chance to run
Scott Daniels

Tim and Leslie Jeandrevin, a pair of dog lovers, have converted unused acreage to allow dogs from anywhere in the country to safely visit and play.


If your dog isn’t getting the kind of free running exercise he or she needs, an answer is close by. Sniffspot gives your dog or dogs the chance to run along wooded paths, play with toys in the sun and generally burn off steam, all free from disturbances by other people or other dogs. The facility opened in April of this year.

Hickory Hollow Private Dog Park is a Sniffspot location found just north of Strasburg off Route 212, located on the property of Tim and Leslie Jeandrevin, a pair of dog lovers who have converted unused acreage to allow dogs from anywhere in the country to safely visit and play.

“You just book your visit via the Sniffspot app or online,” Tim Jeandrevin said. “We don’t interfere at all if you don’t need it. You can just come and enjoy your time here.”

Sniffspot is based on a familiar concept, similar to Airbnb or Uber. Booking and payment is via an app, from which one may choose from available hourlong blocks of time to rent the private park. Arriving at the property, owner and dog simply follow the signs to the fenced, gated acre and spend their allotted time in privacy. The Jeandrevins make sure to mark the gate with a welcome sign so visitors know they’re in the right place.

“When you rent a time slot,” Tim Jeandrevin said, “it’s yours alone. If you have a dog that reacts badly to other people or dogs or they’re just shy, they can come here and enjoy their time with no other dogs bothering them and no other people around.”

Leslie Jeandrevin is a dog trainer with 25 years of experience. “We tell them this is their private spot for an hour,” she said.

Sunscreen and mosquito repellent are available, along with dog toys and fresh water.

“We give a little tour and leave them alone,” Tim Jeandrevin said.

Treats, made in the Jeandrevin’s kitchen, are provided, with hiding spots for them scattered around the property, waiting for dogs to find them.

“There are also add-ons for your visit,” Tim Jeandrevin said. “The booking costs $10 for an hour for one dog and $5 each per hour for additional dogs. We also offer birthday parties, and we try to make those special for visitors.”

Even though Sniffspot as a concept and full application has only been around for two years, it has rocketed ahead in popularity, with more than 8,000 locations nationwide.

“We get notified when we have a guest coming,” Tim Jeandrevin said. “The developer went from 42 bookings the first year, nationwide, to more than 40,000 bookings per day.”

The acre is fully fenced. The Sniffspot app requires participating dogs be up to date with immunizations. Part of Hickory Hollow Dog Park is in grass while the rest is lightly wooded. The acre was previously home to goats, so the property was already fenced.

“We loved having baby goats but found it hard to let them go, so we got out of the goat business,” Tim Jeandrevin said.

The couple is able to control when the park is available, blocking out unavailable times and setting their own schedule. The park will be open year round.

“We have seen lots of pictures of dogs enjoying the parks in the snow, so we’ll be here all year,” Tim Jeandrevin said.

Look for the Sniffspot app or go to to learn more. Hickory Hollow Private Dog Park is at 4057 Parrot Road NW in Strasburg.

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