Wayne County 4-H holds 20th annual recognition banquet

Wayne County 4-H holds 20th annual recognition banquet

Jake and Kerilynn Jagger received a Meritorious Service Award at the recent Wayne County 4-H recognition banquet.


The Wayne County 4-H program recognized its members and volunteers at the 20th annual recognition banquet on Nov. 10 at the Wayne County Fair Events Center. More than 500 guests were in attendance for the movie-themed event, making it the largest recognition banquet in the program’s history.

Riley Stull received the Excellence in 4-H Award, the most prestigious honor for a Wayne County 4-Her. She also received awards for her first-place finish as a senior outstanding breeding sheep exhibitor and second-place finish as an outstanding market swine exhibitor.

Honored with the Meritorious Service Award were Cherie Smith and Jake and Kerilynn Jagger.

Smith has served as a 4-H volunteer for more than 36 years, opening her home to many 4-Hers working on family and consumer sciences projects. She also helps with sewing camp.

The Jaggers, in addition to serving on 4-H committees, have been adult staff for Wayne County 4-H Camp for more than a decade. Jake Jagger leads the campfire committee and helps counselors come up with ideas to make campfires entertaining and memorable, said Doug Foxx, Ohio State University 4-H educator for Wayne County.

Jake Jagger also received his 10-year volunteer pin.

Volunteers recognized for 40 years or more of service were Sandra Gordon, 55 years; Priscilla Sprang, 53 years; Sharon Emler, 51 years; Dave Emler, 49 years; Dave Stahl, Miriam Zech and David Zech, all 45 years; Karla Forrer, 41 years; and Barbara Guthrie, 40 years.

Other volunteers earning pins were Bradley Stull, 30 years; Staci Badger, Donald McConnell, Matthew Rupp and Melissa Rupp, 25 years; Jeremiah Johnson and Rhonda Oser, 20 years; Jerry Badger, Heidi Bair, Jody Bair, Alyssa Mack, Michele Matteson, Kristin Mensching, Debra Schaffer and Tina Vodika, 15 years; Christie Deusenberry, Jennifer Frank, Stephanie Roberts, Melissa Rossiter and Tiffany Stansfield, 10 years; Abigail Werstler, five years; and Kelton Bair, Stacy Clippinger, Brandy Lynn Napier, Garrett Ramsier, Laurie Tarleton, Jody Troyer, Randy Wharton and Chad Zimmerly, one year.

Recognized as winners of the Showman of Showmen Contest were Grace Gunkleman, grand champion, and Jenna Zimmerly, reserve grand champion.

Outstanding Exhibitor Awards were presented to youth who go above and beyond with their livestock projects both in and out of the show ring. Scores were based on an educational poster, outstanding exhibitor exam, project record book, showmanship placing and breed or market class placing.

A champion and reserve champion exhibitor were selected in each species, along with age division winners. They were as follows:

—Outstanding dog exhibitors: Sophie Crosby, champion; Lucas Frary, reserve champion; Tara Tate, first in intermediate; and Alondra Stroh, first in junior.

—Outstanding market beef exhibitors: Owen Bailey, champion; Chase Wharton, reserve champion; Carly Csapo, first in senior; Kya Csapo, second in senior; Raelana Moore, third in senior; Mallory Kendle, first in intermediate; Kaitlynn Baker, second in intermediate; Madicyn Rupp, third in intermediate; Maverick Kendle, first in junior; and Cooper Froelich, second in junior.

—Outstanding breeding beef exhibitors: Jillian Johnson, champion; Madelynn Baney, reserve champion; Carly Csapo, first in senior; McKenna Baney, second in senior; Kya Csapo, third in senior; Kaitlynn Baker, first in intermediate; Kinze McKelvey, second in intermediate; and Haylee McKelvey, third in intermediate.

—Outstanding dairy exhibitors: Mallory Kendle, champion; Regan Shockey, reserve champion; Cecilia Ellerbrock, first-year champion; Carissa Pittman, first in senior; Kelly Hawvermale, second in senior; Elizabeth Howman, third in senior; Grady Ellerbrock, first in intermediate; Brooke Compson, second in intermediate; Lillian Boreman, third in intermediate; Landon Ellerbrock, first in junior; Matthew Taylor, second in junior; and Ray Sloan, third in junior.

—Outstanding market goat exhibitors: Makenna Connelly, champion; Emmay Connelly, reserve champion; Olivia Stoudmire, first in senior; Grace Gunkelman, second in senior; Kaleb Badger, third in senior; Madicyn Rupp, first in intermediate; Mika Jagger, second in intermediate; Addyson Connelly, third in intermediate; Mallory Johnson, first in junior; Riley Mullet, second in junior; and Mason Rupp, third in junior.

—Outstanding breeding goat exhibitor: Olivia Stoudmire, champion; Reiley Evans, reserve champion; Mason Johnson, first in senior; Noah Stoll, first in intermediate; Mika Jagger, second in intermediate; Jenna Zimmerly, third in intermediate; Mallory Johnson, first in junior; Miya Loy, second in junior; and Margo Johnson, third in junior.

—Outstanding horse exhibitors: Sara Heeter, champion; Kaitlynn Baker, reserve champion; Amanda Katz, first in senior; Samuel Bohner, second in senior; Julia Browning, third in senior; Taran Tate, first in intermediate; Olivia Sears, second in intermediate; Parker Clippinger, third in intermediate; Lauren Lightfoot, first in junior; Hannah Lightfoot, second in junior; and Julia Westover, third in junior.

—Outstanding market poultry exhibitors: McKensie McCoy, champion; Halea Taylor, reserve champion; Garrett Troyer, first in senior; Julianna Plessinger, second in senior; Madison Wade, third in senior; Aiden Rusmisel, first in intermediate; Kate Johnson, second in intermediate; Kai Kerstetter, third in intermediate; Mallory Johnson, first in junior; and Margo Johnson, second in junior.

—Outstanding breeding sheep exhibitors: Brynn Shearer, champion; Rebekah Carr, reserve champion; Mason Johnson, second in senior; Kaleb Badger, third in senior; Kora Gardner, first in intermediate; Elena Plessinger, first in junior; Brock Shearer, second in junior; and Mallory Johnson, third in junior.

—Outstanding market lamb exhibitors: Brynn Shearer, champion; Brock Shearer, reserve champion; Cole Walenciak, first in senior; Kaleb Badger, second in senior; Cameron Carr, third in senior; Kaitlyn Carr, first in intermediate; Katie Johnson, second in intermediate; Kora Gardner, third in intermediate; Karlee Rupp, first in junior; Caylee Zimmerly; second in junior; and Mallory Johnson, third in junior.

—Outstanding market swine exhibitors: Emma West, champion; Makenna Connelly, reserve champion; Jo Bailey, first in senior; Kaleb Badger, third in senior; Austin Patterson, first in intermediate; Addyson Connelly, second in intermediate; Parker Clippinger, third in intermediate; Chase Wharton, first in junior; Kylie Patterson, second in junior; and Mason Rupp, third in junior.

—Outstanding market rabbit exhibitors: Jenna Zimmerly, champion; Mckenna Baney, reserve champion; Mckenna Baney, first in senior; Garrett Troyer, second in senior; Jenna Zimmerly, first in intermediate; and Addison Troyer, second in intermediate.

Earning awards for outstanding record books were Chase Wharton, beef; Matthew Taylor, dairy; Taran Tate, dog; Addyson Connelly, Emmalee Connelly, Makenna Connelly, Alexa Howard and Josh Howard, goat; Taran Tate, horse; Josh Howard, poultry; and Addyson Connelly, Emmalee Connely, Makenna Connelly and Chase Wharton, market swine.

County award medal recipients were Matthew Taylor and Addyson Connelly, achievement; Jillian Johnson, beef; Lily Lehman and Bethany George, clothing and textile; Olivia Warren and Matthew Taylor, dairy; Addison Troyer, Lily Lehman and Makenna Connelly, goat; Eilee Mumaw, healthy living; Olivia Warren, Addyson Connelly and Emma Connelly, leadership; Garrett Troyer, Charlie Tenney and Megan Tenney, poultry; Garrett Troyer, Jenna Zimmerly and Addison Troyer, rabbit; Makenna Connelly and Emma Connelly, swine; and Josiah Parks, technology and engineering.

Outstanding Junior Leader Awards went to Karissa Clark, Kayleigh Molnar, Marley Snyder and Makenna Stansfield.

Ten clubs received Star Awards for excellence in the areas of club organization, club activities and meetings, and involvement in county, state and national activities. Recipients were Apple Creek Wide-A-Wake, Clinton Lads ‘N’ Lassies, Country Critters, Country Strong, County Line Clovers, Dalton-Kidron Big 4, Smithie Whiz Kids, Sugar Creek Gang and Wayne County Trail Blazers.

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