We are never too old for guidance


LinkedIn reminded me today that it was my 19th work anniversary as executive director of the Holmes County Education Foundation. Time certainly has flown by.

I remember my first day on the job where Terri, the administrator, trained me on the scholarship process and provided me with important names and phone numbers of people who would help me in the coming months and years.

Still today I reach out to Terri and others on that list and ask for their guidance and assistance. We all need guidance and assistance in life, no matter how old we get or how smart we think we are.

One of those important people on that contact list back in 1999 was the guidance counselor at Hiland High School, Craig Hershberger. Craig was knowledgeable, humorous, compassionate, approachable and driven.

If there ever was a perfect guidance counselor, it was Craig. Perfect you say. Well, he could have been a little more tech savvy in the use of computers. (Just kidding, Craig.)

Craig believed in his students and their abilities and sought out the best path for them. He encouraged them to do well in school, athletics and other extra-curricular activities to explore their areas of interest.

He provided them with advice and guidance on choosing the best college or career path and made sure they were aware of scholarship and financial aid opportunities and pursued them. He pestered them when application or scholarship deadlines were approaching.

He wanted them to try for all possible opportunities that would help them achieve their career goal. He called local businesses or colleges to make connections and to help students find jobs or get their questions answered.

He was a true advocate for the students, and even though he was persistent with them, the students knew he did it from his heart and wanted the best for them.

Craig retired recently and is being replaced by a very competent young man who will have big shoes to fill, but I have complete faith that he will continue to guide these young students onto the correct paths just as Craig did.

Students, I encourage you to utilize the guidance office services provided at the high schools. Talk to them about the path to college and what classes will get you ready.

Talk to them about the College Credit Plus program and see if you qualify. Find out when you can go on college visits. Ask about scholarship opportunities. Learn about the ACT test and how best to prepare for it.

Your guidance office has a wealth of knowledge and resources. If you are an adult considering college, contact the admissions department at the college and ask them for guidance on the college-going process. If you are in college, be sure to utilize the career services office and all the programs they offer. These services are free to students and can be very helpful as you pursue your higher education.

From the time we are an infant learning to walk to the time we are 70 years old trying to finish a 100-mile race, we all can use some guidance and assistance along the way.

Take advantage of the services that are available to you and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

To learn more about Higher Education Matters, be sure to visit the Holmes County Education Foundation at www.hcef.net or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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