Thankful for the conventional and the unconventional

Thankful for the conventional and the unconventional

So if someone asked you, what would you say you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Many of us are fortunate to say we’re thankful for good health, a comfortable home, a car to drive, food to eat and people to spend Thanksgiving with.

And I hope for all of you that those are things on your list or at the very least most of them are.

But have you taken the time to really be thankful for those things? Often we get busy and forget to notice. Unfortunately, many people in the world can’t put basic health, food, shelter and safety on their list.

So certainly please do be thankful for those this year.

What else have you thought about being thankful for?

Are you thankful for the view out your window in the morning? Do you listen to the birds singing at dawn or the owls at night?

Do you enjoy the melted chocolate in a particularly good chocolate chip cookie? How about a strong cup of coffee to go with it?

Are you thankful for the smile on your little kid’s face? Do you give thanks when your kids get home on time and safely?

Do you savor a hot shower?

Are you thankful that the cows stayed in the fence? That the ducks came when you called? How many eggs the chickens laid? That the freezer is full of garden produce? Are you thankful the hose didn’t freeze so it’s easy to water the cows?

Have you enjoyed the cute faces of calves or cuddled with chicks?

You may have noticed by now a lot of my simple thankfulness is farm related. Things like the fact that the electric fence is working and all the animals are where they’re supposed to be are always something I’m thankful for.

Are you thankful for a sunny day? Or rain when we really need it?

Do you give thanks for the fitness to run, to kayak or to bike? That you can watch or participate in your favorite sport?

Are you thankful your kids can participate in activities of their choice?

Do you appreciate safe drinking water? Are you thankful that in Ohio we generally have enough water?

Are you thankful the grass grows? In my case that means I have plenty to feed my cows. I’m also thankful when it stops growing in the late fall and I don’t have to mow. I’m one of those people that hates mowing grass. I’d much rather feed it to my livestock.

Are you thankful for the people that remembered your birthday or your anniversary?

Are you thankful for quiet? I wished for it recently while I spent an hour in a waiting room with too loud music and a television. In our busy world, finding a place void of noise is surprisingly difficult, so quiet is definitely on my list.

Are you thankful for the opportunity and ability to work? Even a job you enjoy will have hard days, but it’s a blessing nonetheless.

Blessings come in big and small packages, when you expect them and when you don’t, and at a variety of times. Look for them. Notice them. And be thankful.

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