Look at life’s sunny side

Look at life’s sunny side

“It will help us everyday, it will brighten all the way, if we just keep on the sunny side of life.” —Ada Blenkhron.

We should all know by now life doesn’t always go our way, and it doesn’t have to either. This past week was just hard for Stacey and me. First, our electric went out. Stacey asked me if I had paid the bill, and I assured her I did. Two hours later it came back on. This week we are going to have a new furnace put in, but, of course, when the electric went out, it messed the furnace up. It came on, but half an hour later it turned off and stayed off. I had to keep on turning it off and back on again — all night long. The next morning I was an hour late going to work because I had to call someone to look at it. I should have just called off, but everything worked out.

I am the kind of person who not only wants to be happy, but also takes responsibility for my happiness. I know our minds lean toward the negative, and if I don’t keep looking on the sunny side, I will go to the dark side. We all have been pulled to the negative, away from the sun. Some of us get pulled more easily than others. Maybe some of us are there right now — not really depressed but things just aren’t going right. It’s easy to get down and out about life, but we know we have to just keep pressing on.

I think the temptation is to compare ourselves to everyone else, but that only sends you on a downward spiral. We are never supposed to compare ourselves to anyone because we each have our own life to live. I am not you, and you are not me. I can’t live your life, and you can’t live mine. To compare is really unfair because we only see the best image of people, the image they want us to see. That is why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to anybody.

Take time to see the good in your own life. No one’s life is all bad. There has to be good, even may I say great moments. Let us focus on those moments and not the bad ones. I believe sometimes we busy ourselves with things that aren’t really important, just so we can escape life. However, if we slow down and think about the good things in our life, we will be amazed what will come to mind.

It may take some time, but when good things pop into your mind, write them down. After a while you won’t be able to keep up, writing down all the good things. When you feel like giving up, go back and read the list again and again. Get ready to walk in the sunshine once again.

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