We are all God’s beloved children

We are all God’s beloved children

“At the core of my faith belongs the conviction that we are the beloved sons and daughters of God.” — Henri Nouwen.

More and more, as I ponder the goodness and matchless greatness of our God, one thing hit me most of all: We are his beloved sons and daughters.

His love is so great toward us that words can’t do it justice. Not even the sweet words from a man or woman of God can bring to light the full capacity of his love for us. Every living and breathing thing is loved by him. He doesn’t make mistakes. One’s own parents might not love them, but God wants everyone. Nobody is unloved by God. He loves everybody equally.

No person has the right to say God doesn’t love them or God forgot about them. It is not God who forgets about us; it is us who forget about him. People come up to me and say, “Why doesn’t God give me what I pray for?” I would ask, “What are you praying for?”

See many people think God is here just to help them. This is a reverse of the way it is supposed to be. We were made to love him and enjoy him forever. God is there to help us, but we are here to live for him.

Being the beloved children of God means we live for him and know we are loved no matter what we do. It doesn’t mean we do whatever we want, but even when we miss the mark, we can go back to him and find forgiveness for our sins through him. He died for each one of us.

Sometimes, when I was growing up, my parents let me do what I wanted, even though they knew it wasn’t the best for me, just as long as it didn’t hurt me too bad, so that I would learn. God is the same way; he will allow us to do what we want to show us how much we need him.

In a world where image and reputation are highly overrated, God has no favorites. A good image can’t get us anywhere with God because he loves us all equally.

That is why we can’t work our way to him. We need to ask him to be the Lord of our life. I like to think most people know that, but I think we subconsciously like to think being a good person is enough. If we just ask him to show us how much he loves us and then keep waiting for what people call coincidence, maybe it is him trying to get our attention.

I am amazed how many times God does something and we attribute it to dumb luck. I, for one, think God does more little things than he does big things, and the real test is if we see him or not in the little things of life.

If we ask God to show us his love, then we have a responsibility to stay on the lookout for what God is doing. The little things like getting a good parking spot, hearing the birds or seeing a nice sunset — it’s not rocket science.

The Bible says nature reveals God’s glory, so look around for him the next time you take a walk or go for a drive on a nice day. And remember God loves us more than we will ever know.

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