Baking keeps the house smelling good

Baking keeps the house smelling good

Our house loves it when we cook something that smells really yummy. I have no idea why, since houses can’t eat, but our’s loves smells.

One of her favorites is chocolate chip cookies. She almost hums when those cookies are in the oven. They are a lot of work from my point of view, but if it keeps our house happy, I’ll bake them occasionally.

Another favorite of our house and my Taller Half is carrot cake. It is not my favorite but they love it. So, a couple of times a year for special occasions, I’ll pop a carrot cake into the oven and watch my Taller Half almost swoon.

I learned to cook when I was a child, taught by my mother who was not particularly fond of either cooking or baking. She did not enjoy either one and that lack of enjoyment has stuck with me my entire adult life.

It wasn’t just the cooking and baking I disliked, it was the cleaning up. Baking in particular is a messy chore.

I over-filled a cake pan one time and the excess spilled out all over the oven. Needless to say the resulting mess was awful. The cake looked weird, and the spill had burned itself solidly to the oven floor.

I covered the messed up cake with lots of icing and kept the oven door shut. When I finally got around to cleaning that mess, it took about two plus hours and lots of words not said in front of children. That oven never fully recovered.

On the other hand our children have all become good cooks and have excelled in their kitchens. We are so pleased and proud of them and love it when we get an invitation to have a meal with them. And, if we are lucky, they give us leftovers to take home.

Perhaps in our older years, we should take a few cooking classes. It’s never too late to learn new things. It’s just we aren’t thrilled about having to clean up the mess I know we’ll make.

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