My house and I had a problem

My house and I had a problem

We all know or should know that accidents in our homes are fairly frequent and always expensive. Let me expand upon that.

Recently my house and I had a problem. I had promised my house an upgrade of her front gardens, but almost constant rains and cooler-than-expected temperatures have kept that promise unfulfilled.

That did not make our house happy. As a result my house allowed me to trip and fall down our front steps. It was a hurtful fall with broken ribs, bleeding and a woozy head. I was hurt both physically and mentally, but our house felt fully justified because I had not kept my promise.

After days in the hospital and lots of pain and discomfort, my family is most unhappy with our house. They blame the house, the house blames me and the gardens are still unplanted. Of course it is still too wet to do any planting; even mowing the grass is a challenge.

Family members have agreed to donate their time and energy, as soon as the weather permits, to pull weeds, spread mulch, and put in some flowers and bushes. That should make the house happy. At least we hope it does.

Though to be honest, I don’t know if I can ever forgive this house for taking its frustration out on me. As a result our house is now on the market.

Since the “For Sale” sign went up, there has been a marked change in our house’s attitude. Suddenly she’s sorry for my fall. In fact she has been remarkably patient about the needed garden work.

She suspects she just might have overreacted to yard work not getting done on time and is seeking to obtain forgiveness. It might take me awhile to grant her absolution, but eventually I will. However, I will always be wary of those steps and will be sure to hang on tight to the banister going up and down.

Take this as a warning all you home owners out there. If you get any sense your house is unhappy with you, go on the alert. Houses can be extremely sneaky and are not above causing havoc when unhappy. Ours did, and the results were not pretty.

Of course the money once tagged for upgrades to gardens and lawn must now go to doctors and hospitals. Our place now realizes she caused herself to be put on the “back burner” improvement wise, but she is really trying to be noble about it.

She is so pleased that volunteers are coming to mow and weed and has convinced herself if she is kind and patient that “For Sale” sign just might go away. Just between us, no hope in this life that the sign will go away, not at least until we have a sale.

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