It’s week 3 of quarantine

It’s week 3 of quarantine

Week three of quarantine date. What date is it? What day is it? It’s getting hard to keep track.

I don’t know about you, but the more I see the numbers of people infected with coronavirus and, even worse, the number of those who didn’t beat it, the less I want to leave my house. It’s a really strange time. Watching those numbers continually ticking upward is like watching the tote board on some kind of evil telethon.

And now the news we will be “enjoying” at least 30 more days of home quarantine was not what anyone wanted to hear, but if it keeps us safe.

Dealing with this new reality where pretty much everything is out of our control is tough. I feel so bad for everyone missing important events in their lives, some that can never be rescheduled. Mostly I think we are all missing each other and grasping at anything that smacks of normal life.

Most people probably never thought they would ever be planning their day around a press conference to get the latest news.

Couch potatoing seems almost a preferred way of life, and after too much snackin’ with Dr. Acton, we aren’t exactly in the best shape of our lives. Still the weather is going to get better, and we’re going to have to come up with a quarantine exercise plan.

This past week we had a wonderful day when the sun came out and the temperature went up and all the sticks littering the yard were calling our names. Outside we went for one of the first beautiful days of the year. I grabbed my litter-picker tool so I wouldn’t have to do more bending over and take more time than necessary. There were a lot of sticks! We spent a couple hours at this project. It didn’t take long for the muscle aches to set in.

It’s a major disappointment that hair care is nonessential, but I’ve already made alternative plans. My sister-in-law told us recently how she cut my nephew’s hair with hair clippers. They went outside to do this, and the weather was cold, which probably wasn’t the ideal situation. Much as she tried to shape it, my nephew’s hair ended up the same length all over.

I had that haircut once. I was much younger and told my beautician to surprise me. (Guess what? That is not a good idea.)

Now I think that hair cut will work for me if this quarantine goes on too long. My sister-in-law will probably give me a standing appointment.

Anyway, all this togetherness has my husband, Joe, and I communicating on a much deeper level. It was nearing 5 p.m. in the afternoon when I walked into the living room. Seeing he was reading and needing a moment to think, all I got out was “Uh.” And he immediately replied, “I have no idea.”

Wow, he was reading my mind. Or maybe he’s just as aware as everyone else that coming up with new ideas for every meal is a challenge and we had gotten takeout the night before.

To the rescue, in a forgotten corner of the freezer, were those two frozen solid lumps of corndogs rolling around in an almost empty box. How long had they been in there? Who cares? Desperate times, desperate measures.

We’ve been watching some of those new predictable spring Hallmark romance movies to keep entertained. We are trying to guess the plot right from the beginning and more importantly what the misunderstanding will be that makes it appear the romance is on the rocks just about 20 minutes before the end.

Joe is really getting good at it. The other night he even guessed early on that the mega-popular rich author male lead character was secretly writing children’s books! That’s why I married him — he’s so perceptive.

What will we do next? The excitement is underwhelming.

Stay well and stay home everyone! We can only hope and pray we all wake up from this nightmare soon.

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