Crabgrass can turn anyone crabby

Crabgrass can turn anyone crabby

Grass loves rain and sun, responding to both with fast, lush growth. Sadly, so do weeds.

This year, at least in our lawn, weed killer was generously applied, and though the weeds, especially crabgrass, died very quickly, they also came back even quicker. Some of that crabgrass qualifies as a candidate for Biggest of Weeds 2022.

Our house is insistent her lawn be kept in excellent condition, and that requirement does not include large areas of crabgrass. But controlling that weed is a challenge at which we have failed. The very wet weather we have had this year has encouraged all plant growth. Too bad crabgrass is so very unattractive.

Taller Half has assured me that though he loves our beautiful gardens, he’s made it very clear he does not like doing yard work. All my family have reminded me gardening is my hobby and keeping our gardens in good shape is my responsibility — how nice of them.

I began the crabgrass-removal project one morning using a hoe to pull out the huge weeds by their roots. When I had finished, there was a big bare area in our lawn. It didn’t take long for the grass seed I scattered to produce little shoots. In a matter of weeks, our lawn looked lovely. Then crabgrass began to appear again. Believe me when I tell you that yelling and cussing has absolutely no effect on weed growth.

Taking care of our lawn and gardens is a lot more work than I remember in my younger days. I don’t have to mow the grass, but I am responsible for keeping both lawn and gardens healthy and lovely. That means keeping them weed-free, fertilized and properly trimmed. It is work I love doing, but in the past few years, it takes me longer to get it all done — very frustrating.

Fall is well on its way. Soon winter will follow and snow will cover our lawns. If that’s the price of being free of weed worry, so be it. I can use the rest.

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