Millersburg Eagles dole out $10,000 in scholarships

Millersburg Eagles dole out $10,000 in scholarships

The Millersburg Eagles #2418 recently awarded $10,000 in scholarship funds to seven area graduates at the Eagles’ facility in Millersburg. Pictured are Eric Smeeby, back left, Arnie Oliver, Dan Mathie and Jason Hummel. Holding the check are Judy Lamp, left, and Katrina Mathie.


The Millersburg Eagles #2418 have given to community members over many years, and recently they continued that tradition, presenting several scholarships to graduates.

On Wednesday, Aug. 31, the Millersburg Eagles #2418 awarded $10,000 in scholarship funds to seven area graduates at the Eagles’ facility in Millersburg.

The $10,000 was split among seven West Holmes High School graduates including Maris Hoffee ($750), Teddy Oliver ($2,000), Alicia Alexander ($2,000), Jackson Oliver ($2,000), Brandi Myers ($750), Hunter Ellis ($2,000) and Daymion Seldon ($500).

“The Eagles have been an outstanding asset to the community,” said Judy Lamp, HDM executive director. “The dollars they have given back to the community this year is astonishing.”

She said a few of the organizations that have been recipients of the Eagles’ generosity recently include West Holmes Athletics, the new Eagle Scout amphitheater project and Love INC.

The scholarship program is part of the Eagles’ desire to give back to the community, and they have done so in many ways over the years. The scholarship program began many years ago, then was put aside for some years but came back several years ago.

Eagles member Eric Smeby, who helped present the scholarships, said the Eagles were excited to bring this tradition back several years ago after a lengthy absence, and the hope is it will continue to be an annual event.

Smeby said the Eagles were pleased to help these young people in their career pursuits, noting the group believes it is important to be able to give back to the community in as many ways as possible.

Each of the scholarship winners had to submit an essay to describe why they felt they were worthy of an Eagles scholarship. Each scholarship submission was then read by a committee, which determined how the funds would be appropriated.

Because the Eagles needed to go through a nonprofit organization, the Eagles have opted to present the scholarships through Historic Downtown Millersburg, and Smeby said the organization is excited to team up with HDM.

Jason Hummel, HDM board president, was on hand to present the awards, and he said the HDM recognizes the incredible job the Eagles do in reaching out to various entities around the area to show support.

“It is inspiring to see the way the Eagles continue to invest in the community,” Hummel said. “They have made these scholarships a priority and have given so generously. It will be exciting to see how this grows over the coming years, and it shows just how much they care about the people of this community.”

Hummel said these are significant scholarships that are going to help these students greatly, and it was good to hear how humbled and blessed the recipients were upon receiving them.

“This is an incredible provision for our young people who are pursuing higher education,” Hummel said. “These scholarships go a long way in easing some of the financial burden of college, and the kids and their parents were very appreciative. The Eagles have rewarded some very deserving young people.”

He said the Eagles and HDM have proven to be a tremendous team, and together they are honored to be able to give back to the community in this fashion.

The funds for the Eagles’ scholarships are accrued through the Eagles organization’s charitable gaming license. They must give a certain percentage of the funds they receive through their charitable gaming license back to area organizations and individuals, and the Historic Downtown Millersburg 501(c)(3) designation provides them with an avenue to make charitable donations to individuals.

“We are extremely excited to be able to support all of the area organizations we can, and this is a big deal to us to give to these young people who have worked hard to get where they are,” Hummel said.

The Eagles scholarships are nonrecurring, and students can reapply every year.

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