Tuscarawas Catholic schools adapt to distance learning

Tuscarawas Catholic schools adapt to distance learning

Tuscarawas Central Catholic Elementary and Immaculate Conception students have adjusted to distance learning.


Tuscarawas County Catholic School officials say they’re pleased with the way teachers and students have adapted quickly to distance learning in the wake of school-building closings prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m amazed by how quickly our teachers implemented so many features of distance learning over the last eight weeks,” Immaculate Conception and Tuscarawas Central Catholic Elementary School principal Matt Ritzert said. “We are blessed to have a dedicated, hard-working and creative staff that quickly put into place a variety of strategies using Zoom meetings, Google classroom, email and more to continue instructing our students. The staff has been reaching out to students and parents to do everything they can to make sure everyone stays engaged. We loaned equipment such as iPads and Chromebooks to students who did not have the needed technology at home.”

Tuscarawas Central Catholic Elementary and Immaculate Conception also have established a regular schedule for families and students to pick up and drop off assignments at the schools.

“Our grading system is well-suited for this type of situation, and we will be able to issue end-of-the-year report cards that accurately reflect student progress while also identify those students who will need some extra help when regular classes resume,” Ritzert said.

At Tuscarawas Central Catholic Junior/Senior High School, principal Jennifer Calvo expressed disappointment that the senior class is missing out on many of the special activities associated with the end of a typical senior year.

“Our students have adjusted well to distance learning, and we’re working to ensure that everyone completes fourth-quarter requirements,” Calvo said. “And we’re trying to make the year as special as possible for our seniors with special profiles on Facebook and other activities. While we cannot meet in person, I think our community has grown closer and stronger by reaching out to one another, supporting one another and praying for one another. With our strong, family-based atmosphere, we have also been able to reach out and help families in need of some support or assistance.”

Even as the school buildings are closed, the schools continue to register new students and families for the 2020-21 school year. Families interested in enrolling next school year can call and leave a message at any of the schools. More information also is available at www.Be-A-Saint.org.

The Tuscarawas County Catholic Schools are open to students of all faith backgrounds and offer local scholarships and participate in the state-sponsored EdChoice Scholarship program. School officials say more than 50 percent of currently enrolled families receive support to meet tuition costs.

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