Support expressed for candidate

Support expressed for candidate

​Letter to the Editor,

Jodi Salvo is the best candidate for the Ohio state representative of District 51. She is a Christian, a conservative and a Republican. For 10 years we have gladly volunteered to assist with her programs as she serves as the director of substance abuse services with Empower Tusc.

This is what we know about Jodi’s skill set that makes her our choice:

—She chooses to run for this Ohio representative position because she genuinely cares about the well-being of the people in this district. For her, it is not about political aspirations. Instead, she sees a need to represent our rural population. Jodi sincerely says, “I’m just running to serve you.”

—Her life experiences have prepared her for this. She grew up on a dairy farm resulting in a strong work ethic. As a wife and mother, she places high value on the family structure and its value to our community. In her previous employment, she worked with people experiencing difficult human situations, finding positive solutions.

—She has an analytical mind that can evaluate situations using all the pertinent facts and information to create a working action plan. Problem-solving fuels her drive to serve our community.

Visit to learn more about her priorities to lead our district.

Jerry and Rita Lahmers


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