Clay Street Park to have exercise equipment installed

Clay Street Park to have exercise equipment installed

Millersburg Village Council held a regular meeting in Council Chambers on March 25.

Several items of note took place during the meeting.

Wooster Road speed study

David Hoffman from ODOT District 11 was at the meeting to answer questions and give additional information about speed studies, business/rural districts, ODOT rules and regulations, signage, and historical data for village speed limits.

Hoffman said speed studies should weigh heavily when making decisions about speed limit changes. Other factors are considered such as continuity of speed zones, business district parameters, length of speed zones and advisory speeds.

Hoffman advised council to decide about speed limits, draft an ordinance and submit it to ODOT for review. ODOT will then review the proposed speed zones and either approve them or make recommendations.

Council then passed a motion to establish a 25 mph speed limit on North Clay Street from Jackson Street North to Uhl Street and a 35 mph speed limit from Uhl Street North on Wooster Road to the corporation limit.

Council also passed a motion for the speed limit on South Clay Street to be established as 25 mph to the intersection of South Washington Street.

Old Airport Park buildings

Council member Brad Conn said the restrooms are in decent shape, except for some needed cosmetic improvements such as painting the outside and inside. He said the storage area for the tractor needs to be cleaned up and organized.

He said the concession stand building looks decent, although there are cosmetic issues, and the inside of the concession stand appears to be a dumping ground.

He said there has been talk about adding an additional window, but before that idea can even be pursued, the inside of that building needs to be cleaned out.

Conn said he also did some preliminary measurements and believes there is space for two additional pickleball courts at the park. Basketball courts will be discussed later.

Chickens in the village

Mayor Kelly Hoffee said residents have asked if chickens are allowed in the village. It was determined there isn’t an ordinance prohibiting chickens in the village.

Exercise equipment at Clay Street Park

Hoffee said the Holmes County Health Department would like to install exercise equipment for senior citizens at Clay Street Park. She said the equipment would be the same or similar to what’s installed at Deer Run.

She said this would be paid for with grant funds, and the village would just need to install and maintain it. Council agreed to allow this.

Council member Robert Shoemaker said he would like to see if it’s also an option to have some equipment installed at Old Airport Park.

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