Vote for those who will protect environment

Vote for those who will protect environment

Letter to the Editor,

On Friday, Feb. 9, I have just returned from a walk at Oak Hill Park in Wooster on a very balmy 50 F morning. The unseasonably warm fresh air and my fast pace were invigorating, but I am disappointed by the scarcity of birds accompanying me on my walk. The few I do encounter — song sparrow, cardinal, tufted-titmouse, robin — are singing what sound like distinctly springtime calls, not winter appropriate for Feb. 9. But it’s the scant number of birds I find the most alarming.

Since this is an election year, I want to vote for candidates who share my concern for protecting tree habitat for birds, wetlands and creeks. Insect and plant populations that serve as food for the birds are influenced by changes in climate due to a warming world. I want my candidates to be acutely aware of human control of the environment and to legislate respect for nature’s and people’s needs.

If the birds aren’t healthy and thriving, how can people be? Our futures are tied together. Birds don’t belong to political parties. Find out which candidates really care about you and the birds, then go vote because nature and people depend on it.

Juli Douglass-Gillespie


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