AultCare’s PrimeTime Health Plan: More Than A Local HealthCare Plan

AultCare’s PrimeTime Health Plan: More Than A Local HealthCare Plan

PrimeTime Health Plan is proud to serve its members, and they welcome the opportunity to help anyone with their Medicare needs.  


AultCare’s PrimeTime Health Plan is more than a Medicare Advantage Plan organization. Through a unique combination of an all-encompassing Care Coordination Program and excellent customer service, members of PrimeTime Health Plan receive a value that extends beyond a health plan.  

PrimeTime Health Plan’s Care Coordination Program is designed to meet their members’ needs. Collectively, the clinical departments work together to manage the care of members with support from physicians, nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, and other clinical support staff. 

At no cost to the member, the program monitors their health and wellness based on claims data. Specifically, the Utilization Management Department ensures that care and services are provided in a timely manner according to the member’s specific healthcare plan.  

“We monitor the present and look into the future to ensure that we can continue to provide goods, services, and new technology for our members,” said Cyndia Newburn, Associate Vice President of Utilization Management. “We want to make sure we are here for present and future generations to come.”  

Members also have the opportunity to be paired directly with a registered nurse in PrimeTime Health Plan’s Population Health Management Department. Whether face-to-face interaction in their own doctor’s office or through a phone call, nurses collaborate with PrimeTime Health Plan doctors to ensure the needs of members are met.  

“As a case manager, we speak to members on the phone or meet directly with them at their doctor’s office. We are always here to provide our members with the support and guidance they need to navigate the healthcare system,’ said Lisa Sobnosky, Care Coordinator.  

PrimeTime Health Plan even offers its members educational tele-monitoring services to assist with chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure and diabetes. Members with these diagnoses may opt-in to these services, working with a health coach and having exclusive access to educational materials to understand their healthcare needs.  

Members can even be part of special support groups to learn about specific issues related to their heart failure or diabetes diagnosis and lean on other members going through the same experiences. With the aid of a registered nurse, members work together to increase self-management of their healthcare and take control of their well-being. Their Care Coordination Program coupled with the service their team delivers meets the needs of their clients every day.  

As a local company, it is that singular commitment to customer service that distinguishes PrimeTime Health Plan. Members, and even prospective members may call, email, or visit their local offices and speak with a Medicare specialist. Medicare can be challenging, and customer service representatives are available to meet in person to guide individuals towards the decision that is best for them.  

“At PrimeTime Health Plan, we want our members to have the quality of care and service they need and deserve. We want them to feel like family,” said Jodi Edmunds, Director of Clinical Quality and Disease Management.  

If you have a question, you can call PrimeTime Health Plan and a person, who understands you and the culture of the community, will help you with your needs. It is one of the reasons why it is easier to navigate the healthcare system because their employees are part of the community we all live in.  

“We are always willing to meet with our members in person or have a conversation over the phone. We always want our members to know that customer service is our number one goal,” said Jean Walter, PrimeTime Health Plan Coverage Determination Coordinator.  

PrimeTime Health Plan is proud to serve its members, and they welcome the opportunity to help anyone with their Medicare needs.  

To learn more about AultCare’s PrimeTime Health Plan, their offices are located in Canton, Ohio. (214 Dartmouth Ave. SW Canton, OH 44710) Offices are open for walk-in appointments Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. PrimeTime Health Plan is a HMO-POS plan with a Medicare contact. Enrollment in PrimeTime Health Plan depends on contract renewal. 

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