This place is totally cheesy

This place is totally cheesy
Randy McKee

Shisler’s Cheese House celebrates 60 years of providing customers with an all-access pass to some of the area’s finest cheeses, chocolates, bakery and more. The Shislers (L-R) Natalia, Claudia, Rita and Dennis.


With cheese, one of the most plentiful commodities in Amish Country, it’s not difficult to source your favorite creamy, sharp or seasoned flavor. But instead of spending the day traveling winding country roads, going from cheese house to cheese house, Rita Shisler and her family make it a snap to grab the best the area has to offer, all in one convenient location.  

Shisler’s Cheese House on Route 30 offers 85 different kinds of cheese with the most notable local names. “More than 40,000 cars drive by our store every day. We’re easy to find if you don’t have time to stop and shop in Amish Country,” she said.  

In fact she said people have been making Shisler’s a part of their commute to Canton as well as up north for more than 60 years. “We just had a huge celebration to mark our 60th year,” Shisler said. “Over a thousand people visited us during our anniversary event.”  

Shisler, a second-generation owner of the 900-square-foot store, promises visitors a delicious assortment of cheeses along with other Amish Country goodies like jams and jellies, trail bologna, fry pies and other baked goods. But she said one of her biggest sellers is Heggy’s chocolate, made locally in Canton.  

“It is absolutely the best chocolate you can find,” she said. “We carry all different varieties. It took me 10 years to get it in the store, and people love it. It’s out of this world.”  

Golden Crisp potato chips is another wildly popular item.  

And the best part is just about anything sold at Shisler’s can be shipped pretty much anywhere in the world. “We do a huge business online,” Shisler said. “People love the idea of sending a gift basket or other delectable present to someone they care about direct from Amish Country.”  

With the store’s 60th anniversary celebration over and the next 60 in view, Shisler said she gets a huge kick out of returning customers who bring their own second and third generations with them to the store.

Look for a fresh expansion with even more products to love, coming this fall.  

Shisler’s Cheese House is located at 55 Kidron Road in Orrville. The phone number is 330-682-2105. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Find the store online at

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