TOPS learns about myths of nutrition

TOPS learns about myths of nutrition

On Nov. 29, TOPS1573 Nashville had a 6¼-pound loss.

Donna Goodwill was the best monthly loser. She said to limit sweets to two a day. Lana Rush was the best weekly and monthly loser. Each was given a chart to begin the holiday bingo contest, which will end Dec. 31.

For the program, Rush read an article from the Dec./Jan. issue of Readers Digest entitled “10 Nutrition Myths,” which are: 1. Fresh fruits are always healthier; 2. All fat is bad; 3. Calories are the most important factor in weight gain; 4. People with type 2 diabetes should not eat fruit; 5. Plant milk is healthier than dairy milk; 6. Potatoes are bad; 7. Don’t feed peanuts to little kids; 8. Protein in plants is incomplete; 9. Eating soy can increase breast cancer risk; and 10. Best nutrition advice keeps changing.

TOPS Club meets each Wednesday at the Nashville Global Methodist Church at 5:30 p.m. with weigh-in at 5. Everyone is welcome. The first meeting is free.

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