Richard and Judy Seaman Scholarship established

Richard and Judy Seaman Scholarship established

The Holmes County Education Foundation announced the Richard and Judy Seaman Scholarship for Community, Creativity and Entrepreneurship was established recently.


The Holmes County Education Foundation announced the Richard and Judy Seaman Scholarship for Community, Creativity and Entrepreneurship was established recently by the couple to assist Holmes County students in their pursuit of their higher education goals.

The scholarship is intended to be awarded to students with high potential for success in their careers. Those eligible for this scholarship must be graduating seniors of West Holmes High School or Hiland High School, hold a 3.00 cumulative GPA or higher, and possess a strong work ethic and be of good character. They should demonstrate creativity, leadership, motivation, innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to community.

If a student meets the eligibility requirements, then one (or more if funds permit) renewable scholarship in the amount of $6,000 will be awarded annually. The award is limited to tuition, fees and course-related expenses such as fees, books, supplies and equipment that are required of all students in the course of instruction.

Richard Seaman is a graduate of Waynedale High School, and Judy Seaman graduated from Upper Arlington High School.

Richard Seaman earned an MBA degree from Bowling Green State University and continues to be employed by Seaman Corporation, serving 40 years as CEO before retiring in 2015. He continues to serve as chairman of the board and remains actively involved in promoting the value of multi-generational family business. He is the author of a recently published book, “A Vibrant Vision, the Entrepreneurship of Multigenerational Family Business.”

Judy Seaman earned her education degree from Bowling Green State University and taught at the Millersburg Elementary School. She was the founder of the first preschool program in Millersburg. The couple has three children: Carrie, Kimberly and Jason. Carrie and Kim were raised in Holmes County and graduated from West Holmes High School before the family moved to Wooster.

Richard’s father, Norman Seaman, moved his start-up business from Canal Fulton to Millersburg in the early 1950s. Richard Seaman said one of the reasons Norm selected Millersburg was because his grandfather, John Ray Seaman, worked in Coshocton during the war. He told his son, Norm, that Holmes County had the best work ethic of any place in the state.

Seaman Corporation continued to grow in the Millersburg area, employing many Holmes County residents who were dedicated employees for the company. In 1986 when the company was faced with an unresolvable fire-insurance issue, Richard Seaman chose to take the risk of building a new manufacturing facility in Wooster rather than consolidate with their Tennessee facility so that he could preserve the jobs of his Holmes County associates. Today there are still many Holmes County residents that continue to work at Seaman Corporation’s Wooster facility.

Richard Seaman said, “Although we moved our business to Wayne County, we have never forgotten our ties to Holmes County and those wonderful experiences Judy and I had raising our children and growing our industrial fabric business. We cherish those early memories and continue to recognize the potential for positive growth and development in the Holmes County community. It is our hope that establishing this scholarship will inspire, motivate and influence students to achieve great success in their careers and live self-fulfilling lives.”

Richard Seaman said Holmes County played a role in the company’s success. “Holmes County was instrumental in the early days of Seaman Corporation and its success,” he said. “We want to continue to invest in the young people of Holmes County. We hope that our scholarship recipients will remember the support they received from the community and will return that investment, regardless of where their careers may take them. Judy and I have been long-time supporters of the Holmes County Education Foundation. We encourage others to make scholarship investments in support of the mission of this unique and valuable community organization.”

Richard and Judy Seaman are actively involved in their community, both philanthropically and in leadership roles. Richard Seaman believes communities thrive when there are business and government partnerships that make investments in education and in economic development. These investments require creative initiatives that embrace an entrepreneurial spirit focused on the assets and needs of the local community.

Foundation executive director Darla Stitzlein said, “It has been a pleasure getting to know Richard and Judy Seaman and learning about their successful family business. We are extremely grateful to them that they have endowed this scholarship that will positively impact students and Holmes County for generations to come.”

The Holmes County Education Foundation currently administers 65 named endowed scholarships and has been encouraging further education for Holmes County residents by awarding well over $9 million in scholarships and grants since 1991.

Students interested in applying for the Richard and Judy Seaman Scholarship for Community, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and other scholarships administered by the Holmes County Education Foundation may visit the foundation’s website at

The scholarship application period began on Jan. 6, and the deadline to apply is April 3. Current foundation scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply for this new scholarship. Additional contributions are welcome to this scholarship fund and all other funds held by the foundation.

To learn more about establishing a scholarship with the Holmes County Education Foundation, stop in at the foundation office in Millersburg at the Cary House, 114 N. Clay St., or call Stitzlein at 330-674-7303.

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