Healthy Aging Clinic includes screenings

Healthy Aging Clinic includes screenings

The Falls Prevention Program of Holmes, Wayne & Ashland, under the guidance of the Holmes County General Health District, is sponsoring a Healthy Aging Clinic for those age 60 and older on Thursday, March 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Troyer House at Walnut Hills, 4778 Olde Pump St., Walnut Creek. This clinic is not income-based.

The Healthy Aging Clinic has expanded its screening availability by providing free fall risk screenings, hearing screenings, vision screenings, medication reviews and tobacco screenings. Each screening will be no more than 30 minutes in length.

The fall risk screenings will be provided by trained Medical Reserve Corps volunteers of the health district. The individual will be screened in three different fall risk assessments. The MRC can make a referral with the agreement of the individual to the Falls Prevention Program. Results from the fall risk screening will be shared with the individual.

Modern Hearing Solutions will conduct the hearing screenings. Education on the results of the screening will be reviewed with the individual with potential referrals.

An MRC volunteer, trained as a certified adult vision screener through Prevent Blindness, will provide vision screenings as a screening only. No diagnosis will occur. State vision provider information will be made available to those who participate in the vision screening.

Joel Gause, registered pharmacist and owner and president of Premier Pharmacy, will conduct medication reviews during the Healthy Aging Clinic. Anyone who registers for a medication review is asked to provide a list of all medications including over the counter and supplements prior to the clinic so as to provide a complete medication review.

Tobacco screenings are new to the Healthy Aging Clinic. This screening is provided by Kelly Dremann, tobacco cessation coordinator of the Holmes County General Health District, and consists of a carbon monoxide breath test, questions concerning current tobacco use and readiness to quit tobacco, and knowledge-based questions about tobacco. By having a CO screening, cigarette smokers will see firsthand how smoking is affecting their body. Direct referrals to the Ohio Tobacco Quitline for those ready to quit any form of tobacco can be made during the screening, and additional resources on tobacco and quitting are available. For nonsmokers screenings can educate individuals on the risks of tobacco use and can ensure exposure to secondhand smoke and carbon monoxide is low with the CO breath test.

Call Kerry MacQueen at the health district at 330-674-5035 ext. 251 to schedule an appointment. No walk-in appointments are available.

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